Cyber defense vital to nation

Cyber defense vital to nation


December 24th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Cyber defense vital to nation

As cyberspace continues to build in importance with its many advantages, it sets up a whole other battlefield, as well. The low barrier to cyberspace domain entry allows any semi-rogue nation, state or small groups to enter the ring.

Recently, Iranian and Venezuelan diplomats tried to recruit Latin American students in Mexico to carry out cyber attacks against the United States.

The U.S. is subjected to vulnerability every day to gain access and disrupt our daily lives and compromise national security. Cyberspace is a massive domain that touches virtually every aspect of the U.S. military and economy. A kinetic attack would be disruptive and expensive. The results and responses are unpredictable. Bloodless cyber "Pearl Harbor" is possible.

Our response to an attack on our national information infrastructure must be immediate. We must train for cyberspace. It will involve a strong investment into stimulating that work force to bring in the most capable individuals. We must make our cyber defense and offense capabilities world class in order to serve as a deterrent.

U.S. intelligence agencies have identified daily hacking by a dozen Peoples' Liberation Army cells.

Since most commerce is conducted on the Internet, it's most imperative we recognize how vital this new domain is to our security.


Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.)

Postal history items are sought

I happen to be an autistic person (who is currently a medical transcriptionist student) who collects U.S. postal history items.

I am writing to several newspapers across the country in search of postal history covers (old, postmarked envelopes) to add to my collection. I am collecting old envelopes from 1970 to the present.

If anyone in your area is interested in donating old envelopes, please mail them to:


3315 Treece Road

Hornbeak, Tenn.

Treat cyclists with respect

A recent "ranter" described a recumbent cyclist on Jenkins Road as a "jerk." A friend of mine in that area rides a recumbent; if he is the target, the ranter is badly mistaken.

My friend is a very responsible cyclist who obeys the traffic laws and rides as far to the right as practical (though maybe not enough to suit someone going 50 in a 35 mph zone).

A few people seem to think that "share the road" means: you're holding me up, get out of my way or get in the ditch.

These same people also endanger other motorists and children with their selfish and aggressive driving.

Fortunately, most folks treat cyclists (and the rest of us) with respect. We appreciate it.



Both parties are to blame

The Democrats and Obama continue to put party and politics over the good of the nation, just like the Republicans.

The House passes bill after bill that Harry Reid refuses to let have a vote in the Senate, then the Democrats and Obama complain that nothing gets done.

Now they refused to vote on the House passed bill to extend the payroll tax cut, and instead created a two-month extension that puts many unworkable restrictions on it, besides only being for two months.

Then they ran to say nothing else can be done.

Shows the whole Democrat aim is to cause an issue that their surrogates in the media will edit and aim the reporting with half-truths in order to promote the Democrat agenda and blame Republicans. To -- with both parties.



What did TVA do to earn bonuses?

Let me get this right. According to an article in the Times Free Press a couple of months ago, the management and employees of TVA received huge bonuses.

For what? Receiving safety flags other than green? Increasing rates? Or was it for just showing up for the job?

I resent these bonuses going to government and/or utility workers when the public depends on them to do a good job in keeping costs down, eliminating hazardous conditions, i.e., dangerous materials escaping into our environment.

May I suggest that the authority return the bonus money paid out to them and forgo any new payments until TVA brings costs in line and safety to the public.

Oh, and where has the board of directors been? Evi

dently not at meetings, or have they received incorrect reports?