Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

February 11th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Hold director Long accountable

Zoo director Darde Long should be held 100 percent responsible (for treatment of the zoo's animals). Her cavalier attitude in the inspection report findings is sickening and does not make up for the deaths or suffering inflicted on these helpless animals.


Awareness needed in weapon debate

Most important in prevention of a future disaster as in Tucson will be public understanding and awareness of mental illness resulting in diagnosis and referral to treatment.

Political rhetoric demonizing our president and other overheated agitation has created a culture to which the unstable violent have responded, resulting in serious injury and loss of innocent life.

Rep. Giffords had said publicly that crosshairs aimed at her district would have consequences. Should anyone be surprised that some lunatic might take Palin up on it, or Beck, "You are going to have to shoot them in the head"?

This in combination with the success of the gun lobby in allowing such persons to obtain and carry concealed weapons in public places without a permit.

Until the public demands a reasonable and legal compliance with the Second Amendment, no relief can be expected, and what happened in Arizona will be repeated in the future. The only other armed person at the tragic event said he nearly fired on the wrong person. Those unarmed performed valiantly.

"You lie" carved on South Carolina rifles are weapons aimed figuratively if not yet literally at the president of the United States.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Health reform a landmark bill

Please emphasize the importance of the landmark legislation that was passed in 2010 after 30 or more years of talking about it. Partisanship is the only ugly part of the endeavor.

Everyone agrees that reform is needed, so why didn't the Republicans come to the negotiations when invited? Other than envy, why didn't they recognize that the bill was structured around ideas that they had originated?

Clearly, both parties are guilty of jealousy and envy and playing games with taxpayer money and influence. Both parties have sold out to special interest groups.

We need you to bring health care to the forefront and represent the people who matter; not the ones who just profit.


Franklin, Tenn.