Letters to the editors

Letters to the editors

February 22nd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Habitat welcomes extra volunteers

The "Extreme Makeover Home Edition'' has created lots of excitement in our area.

A family in need will receive a great new home. Habitat for Humanity in Chattanooga builds 12 homes each year for needy families.

The volunteers who didn't get selected for home makeover would be welcomed in one of our Habitat crews.

You won't get the media coverage that home makeover has generated, but you will get the satisfaction of giving back.

Building a home for a family won't change the world, but it will change the world for that family. Give Habitat a call if you are still in the volunteering mood.



Reporting needs sense of decency

I am writing in response to an article (Feb. 17) in your newspaper titled "Body found near Williams Island." I was at once horrified, saddened, and then angered about the first sentence of the article, presented as a stand alone paragraph, "The vultures led to her body."

This sentence served no purpose except to sensationalize an already horrific event being experienced by the family and friends of this young woman. I fully support freedom of speech; however, there is a clear line between crisp, clear reporting of news and the tawdry example of tabloid news of which this sentence is reminiscent.

It is my sincere hope that even in reporting of news we will remember that the victims of which we write are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, family and friends. Especially in the face of tragedy we should remember to act with a sense of decency and treat one another in a respectful manner.



Tell TVA to rid lake of vegetation

If you enjoy using the public facilities at Lake Chickamauga, attend the Chickamauga Stakeholders meeting on Feb. 24, 6-7 p.m. at the Power Service Center, 4600 Access Road, Building A, in Chattanooga.

We need to let TVA know that we need the nuisance aquatic vegetation which is growing rampantly in Lake Chickamauga treated so we will have a safer and more enjoyable area for our use.



Don't split land given to Israel

A majority of voters have consistently expressed the opinion in national surveys that the United States should support Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Additionally, the number who say the U.S. should support Israel has risen following the turmoil in the Middle East.

The state of Israel has been deemed as belonging to the Hebrew people from the beginning, and Jordan is Palestine. Please stand on the side of the God that has blessed America for over 200 years, and do not welcome the wrath of our Creator by splitting the land given to the Israeli people.

I will forever stand with His beloved land and people, yet also with them in that they welcome all peoples, no matter their beliefs.


Dalton, Ga.

Don't let our greed hamper president

Our nation is filled with parties and groups. We have the tea party, Republican and Democratic parties. We have conservatives, liberals, right- and left-wing-leaning activists. And other parties and groups that seem to come out of nowhere, all to shout down and criticize every effort our president puts into place that he hopes will help our nation heal from our faults.

We are to blame for the perilous situations we are facing.

Freedom, education and power are the culprits. And it all equals greed.

We have pretty much freedom to do what we want, as long as it's legal. And we stretch that to illegal activities.

And with our high education we hope to gain power. But many use that power to take advantage of others and our government.

So in the end, we are where we are, a nation of groups of people who blame the president for our existing problems of unemployment and high deficits.

He cannot help our nation unless we help him help us.

That will never happen because of our greed. But let him try if you are not going to help. And leave my-our-president alone.


Some more details about Washington

A letter "Washington showed his Christian faith" (Feb. 19) omitted crucial segments of our first president's religious life:

George Washington only mentioned Jesus in his writings on two occasions; usually left church services before communion; and at best, attended services one Sunday out of four.

Parson Weems had Isaac Potts witnessing our first president kneeling at Valley Forge and, supposedly, going home and telling his wife Washington was a man of God. Potts, however, was not even a resident of Valley Forge and did not marry until 1803. Although an Anglican, Washington attended church services of other denominations, and he approved of Revolutionary War chaplains from a wide variety of denominations, ranging from Roman Catholic to Universalist.

While our first president thanked "the miraculous care of Providence that protected me beyond all human expectation" (during the French and Indian War), he also indicated Providence could be involved in defeat. Raised in the tolerant, liberal wing of the Anglican Church, Washington embraced charity, strongly advocated genuine religious liberty, and valued morality and ethics over doctrines or creeds.

Lastly, some evangelical Christians recently offered to donate $3 million to Mount Vernon if it would present Washington as a Bible-believing evangelical. They refused.




Legislators miss point on beer sales

Well, I see where the politicians of North Georgia are at it again, trying to prevent people from voting on Sunday liquor and/or beer sales.

When are these legislators going to realize that they're building roads and schools in Hamilton and Bradley counties with the revenue that's crossing the border? And Chattanooga will be more than happy to keep taking their money. Honestly, what do these people use for a brain, and how do they keep getting elected?


Dalton, Ga.