Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

January 25th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

America needs what Palin can provide

Sarah Palin is an American patriot dedicated to serving Christ the Lord and the America our founders envisioned.

Her vision for America is the same as the majority of Americans. If you need proof, refer to last November's elections.

Regardless of the role she prayerfully follows, her impact on America's bright future will be great and effective. If she chooses, Sarah Palin would be a great leader who could pull America out of the downward spiral the current administration in Washington has created.

We need real, private-sector jobs, less government spending, energy independence using our God-given natural resources, and a return to pride in America. We need proven, common-sense solutions, not failed idealistic socialist dreams. America remains the greatest hope for mankind.

The extreme liberal minority will continue to disparage Sarah and what she stands for. This is what they attempted to do to the great president Ronald Reagan. Their mantra on Reagan was "he is not bright like our elites."

Don't allow this minority to influence your love for the sacrifice of our founders and millions of military patriots. Continue to cling to your conservative values, your liberty, your faith, your guns and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Rising Fawn, Ga.

Relationships come through creation

It would have been good if in his inauguration day remarks Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley had first quoted Isaiah 64:8: "But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; we are all the work of thy hand."

Then, being in a Christian church, he would have been free to acknowledge brotherhood among a born again people. A spiritual birth is what makes Christians, in a unique way, brothers and sisters.

Quoting Rev. C.I. Scofield, D.D., "the reference [in Isaiah] is to relationship through creation, rather than through faith." As Christians through the blood of Jesus Christ we can come to God and receive from Him eternal life because we have been born into God's family.


Signal Mountain

McClure is there when you need him

When I heard Mitch McClure had entered the race for the District 3 seat, I felt it was my obligation to the people of District 3 to let them know how lucky they are to have a man of Mitch's morals and integrity living within their district and willing to be their commissioner.

I was born and raised in Hamilton County in an era when if you looked someone in the eye and gave them your word on something, they could take it to the bank. A handshake was as good as any legal binding contract. When someone said, "Hey, if you need anything give me a call," and when you called, guess what, they were there. Mitch has all these attributes and more.

Not only have I been a witness to the many positive community efforts Mitch has supported and been part of; my immediate family has been personally helped by Mitch in a time of need. Support Mitch McClure.


Sale Creek

Cohen attacks 'the big lie'

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., isn't backing down from comments he made on the floor of the House comparing Republicans' lies about health care to the lies of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

"I meant what I said, that lies are wrong," Cohen told TPM in a phone interview Wednesday.

Cohen said he wasn't comparing Republicans to members of the Third Reich.

He did, however, see a parallel between the rhetorical strategies of GOPers in their march to repeal health care reform and those used on the people of Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

"It was a lie and that if you repeat a lie over and over again it doesn't make it the truth, and that's what Goebbels did," Cohen said. "Goebbels is known for political propaganda, probably one of the most successful political propagandists whose philosophy was to lie, and if you repeat it over and over again then people will believe it. I did mention Goebbels because I thought about it and I've had people tell me 'it's just like Goebbels, it's the 'big lie' you repeat it over and over and over again," Cohen said.


Signal Mountain

Take-home ban reduces security

Re: Police take-home cars:

This always seemed a good perk that benefited both the officers and the community. They need a perk because they are underpaid - very many have second jobs to support their families.

It is good of the mayor to offer to pay for his car. If these men and women made $100,000 per year, they probably would not complain either. This seems short-sighted.

Should Chattanooga have an emergency of great size and portent, I am sure the officers would respond as soon as they could drive across town and get their cars and then go to the scene. It seems penny-wise and pound foolish. What price security, the security of the city?


Red Bank will survive, move up

The finger-pointing in Red Bank has to stop. Several citizens are trying to better the city, and we will survive and be the best small city in Tennessee within the near future.

Commissioners like Ruth Jeno and City Manager Chris Dorsey attend all events in the area and work hard to promote the city. But there are others who do not have a clue how to run Red Bank, which is obvious.

Within the next few months, Red Bank Neighborhood Pride Association is working on a "vision," and it is bad when the rest of the commission does not have a clue what is happening, while Dorsey and Jeno and new Commissioner Roberts actually seek to take Red Bank to a new level.

The officers of RBNPA will bring us back, and flourish we will, as Ruth Jeno runs circles around the rest of the commission. But a few just can't wake up and actually attend meetings as they should.

I am sure new direction will be unveiled to the public soon. As the new Red Bank is born in 2011, you can follow Red Bank Neighborhood Pride Association on Facebook. Chime in if you have a good idea or are willing to join the revolution!