Children need a renewed America

Children need a renewed America


July 9th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Children need a renewed America

July 4, 2011, we celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence of our nation.

Our government was created to protect the rights of people living here in the United States. The government was to help the people, where they lived, worked, studied, shopped and vacationed so they would not be abused or cheated.

We began as a nation of laws. All are created equal.

We could work where we could. We could attend the church of our choice or not. We could openly pray to our God or not (free speech).

We could live in peace.

Now we are told we cannot say "God" or "Lord" in any government building.

Have we banned the mention of all religious entities or have we banned only God. Our money still states "In God We Trust"?

Mr. President, you and Congress must work together to restore the credibility, integrity and stability of our nation. The "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" demands it.

All of you should stop pointing fingers at one another. Be good fathers and mothers to your children and give a better, renewed America back to all children.

God has blessed America - now do your part.


Shoot the cars, not the camels

According to the editorial printed in this paper June 27, Australia is considering shooting its 1.2 million wild camels. As you stated, it's because it's been determined that the camels contribute to global warming by dispersing one-sixth the harmful gases cars do.

Why not go after the real culprit? Shoot the cars instead.


President errs on tax rates

The president in his Twitter conference committed quite a boo-boo with his response to questions on taxes.

He said that we now have the lowest tax rates since the 1950s. Yep. That's what he said!

Then he compounded the problem by saying that they are lower than they were under Clinton, Bush 41, and Reagan.

What an error. Not quite on the scale as his statement about visiting "57 states," but pretty significant for someone who always seems to obsess over our current rates.

You would think he would have more of a handle on some of our more recent tax history.

For those interested in the facts, here they are: Current highest marginal rate - 35 percent; highest under Reagan - 28 percent; under Bush 41 - 31 percent; under Clinton - 39.6 percent!

The funny thing is, there is not a peep out of Repubs over this flub of flubs. Had one of the more serious Republican candidates been guilty of similar misstatements, the Democrats and their supporters in the press would have been all over the story.

For instance, can you imagine the uproar had candidate Bachmann committed the error?


East Brainerd

Fireworks show is unforgettable

WRCB Channel 3 and Macy's had the best show with Beyoncé and Brad Paisley I've ever seen with the beautiful fireworks of 2011.I'm a senior citizen and wish everyone in Chattanooga had seen it! Unforgettable! Thanks, Macy's! Thanks for always putting on TV your fireworks. I was and am doubly proud to be an American in 2011!


Don't be fooled by Republicans

So far, Republicans have not put forth any effort or shown any interest in balancing the budget, reducing the deficit, or just plain doing what's best for the country. Their agenda is simply to return to power so they and their rich corporate business playmates can really work the system to their benefit.

The plan is straightforward: purposely tank the economy and keep unemployment high so they can use these as weapons against President Obama in the 2012 election.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has openly declared to the media that his only agenda is to make Obama a one-term president. He has nothing else to offer for the good of the country, nor does Rep. Erik Cantor, R-Va. Both are very open about the fact that they will do whatever it takes so their rich campaign donors can benefit from their actions. That makes them dangerous.

Seniors, beware. Look what happened when the majority of you voted predominantly Republican in the last election. Don't be hoodwinked again!


Dalton, Ga.

GOP, wealthy also should sacrifice

Congressional Republicans are all about cutting and reforming programs and entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, education and other necessary programs for the elderly, middle class and the poor in order to cut federal spending and bring down the deficit while they want more tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy. They call this making a "shared sacrifice."

When they use the term "shared sacrifice," I interpret that to mean all of us, including them and their rich corporate, banking and oil pals. So with that in mind, those of you who buy this garbage Republicans are peddling, ask this: "Sens. Corker, Alexander, Chambliss and Isakson: What are you and your other wealthy cronies going to sacrifice?" Well, we all know the answer to that one: nothing!

Then ask this: "Congressmen, you're more responsible for this mess than we are; if you aren't going to sacrifice along with everybody else, then why do you expect me to?"


Rocky Face, Ga.

Other ways to pay bills

I am responding in support of letters (July 3) by Verna Donohoe and Robert Lee Brown about the lack of reliability of our mail system and unreliability of computers.

The best way to pay utility and other monthly bills is allow them to debit your checking account for payment. It works well because they send statements out far enough in advance to be challenged if any error is perceived.

A major credit card company has a free 24/7 automatic pay-by-phone system that is quick and has been error-free for me over many years. A clear, pleasant female voice answers immediately, asks several questions and gives a four-digit confirmation number at the end. Amounts to be paid are repeated three times. The total transaction is about 30 seconds. Naturally, this care gets all my business. Other credit card companies charge up to $15 for you to wait until a real person becomes free to assist you. Once, one was going to charge me $15 to pay a $24 charge. She said I could pay for free on the Internet. Well, good luck with that! Oftentimes your password suddenly becomes invalid no matter how many time it is re-entered.