Editors just make up facts

Editors just make up facts


July 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Editors just make up facts

Well, here we go again. We don't have to worry about the editors of the Times Free Press hacking our phones or bribing police like the editors in London; here they just make up facts.

"Censorship at military funerals," (Free Press editorial, July 14), is a nice little missive except there was no funeral involved. The Rev. Rainey was invited to a Memorial Day ceremony at the Houston National Cemetery. A ceremony for all Americans, not just the members of Rev. Rainey's church, not just Christians but all Americans.

The editor's facts are about as good as it's a waste of money to redo a 19-year-old road surface up Signal Mountain highway.


Rocky Face, Ga.

Many agree with Thurman's stances

State Rep. JoAnne Favors and her followers can't seem to just face the truth!


(1) Inner-city schools get too much attention and money without much payoff.

(2) Poor people learn.

(3) Slaves learned to read.

(4) All students are expected to learn.

Why do black people use the old clique "racist" when a situation or problem arises that doesn't fit their agenda?

Why can't we face the truth?

People from all over the country agree with Ms. Rhonda Thurman. Why should Ms. Thurman apologize or resign for talking truth and for expressing an opinion?

Why should Jim Scales be paid $300,000 for a failed job? To get out of town?

Local people should be sought.

All kids can and should learn.


Trenton, Ga.

Government should do as the people

In response to the letter (July 11) saying "GOP's intractable position on tax increases is unreasonable and infuriating," I ask, "Why?"

If senior citizens who worked all their lives and paid into Social Security now have to cut corners in order to make ends meet because they haven't had a cost-of-living increase in over two years while the cost of everything else has risen, then it seems our government could continue to function on the same revenue it received last year.

As for spending cuts, why does Congress mention cutting Social Security or Medicare before they consider eliminating their salary increases or start cutting their retirement benefits? Almost every corporation has had to trim their benefit package during this recession, and some had salary or hiring freezes. Has Congress? Why?

Maybe I'm naive about the workings of government, but it seems if the average citizen has to cut spending because of increased prices and less income, then the government could and should be able to do the same without taxing its citizens!

It's not the radical right that is asking these questions. I'm a grandmother who votes for the person, not the party, and doesn't like to see the direction our government is moving.


Thurman serves as a bad example

Rhonda Thurman has humiliated herself again and Hamilton County taxpayers and is a poor example for a county school board member. The issue of racism has been raised.

These are important issues for our children. However, taxpayers, parents and students need to be as concerned with the board's actions:

  1. Changed the rules for hiring a superintendent so they could rush appointing Rick Smith. He knew he was already hired as he appointed staff before the vote was taken to name him superintendent.

  2. During a financial crisis for Hamilton County, they bought Dr. Scales' contract for $300,000. Now, Smith, is laying off a number of teachers and employees in addition to other cuts to a school system that is performing poorly. The $300,000 could have saved some jobs.

  3. Recommend cuts to urban (inner-city) schools so that there is less education available, thus more unemployment and crime for those without training. This is our community and children.

Remember this at the next school board election - we need better qualified and forward-thinking members without the goal to not let in any "outsiders."


'Littles' have spree thanks to Academy

Last Tuesday evening, Academy Sports & Outdoors kindly invited several "Littles" (Big Brothers & Sisters) for a shopping spree to fulfill upcoming school clothing and accessory needs.

My "Little Sister" was thrilled to have three brand new stylish khaki and navy slacks, three gorgeous polo shirts and a brand new pair of brand-name tennis shoes gratis! We were even told if it "went over" our $100 limit, "It was no problem"! We have never had a store do this for us in the 21/2 years that I've been involved with BBBS.

Being a relatively new store locally, I wasn't that familiar with Academy. The manager and staff were so kind and helpful and never once made us feel like it was a "charitable" event. They assisted with sizes and styles graciously. My "Little" walked away with a huge smile on her face, confident that on her anxiety-filled first day of middle school, she would look her very best wearing brand-new, quality clothes that otherwise she may not have been able to afford.

Thank you, Academy! I am now a loyal lifetime customer, and you can be sure the word will spread! Welcome to Chattanooga and Hixson and a huge kudos for helping our many "Littles" at Big Brothers & Sisters.



Attitudes play role in approach

Rep. JoAnne Favors is a great and passionate leader.

She labors tirelessly for the advancement and improvements for our youth.

My understanding of her reaction to the statements made by Rhonda Thurman is understandable.

Before I offer mine, I submit that leaders of our children are more effective when they can and are willing to relate to them. Their attitudes play a major role in how they approach issues and situations. Without high expectation, faith and appropriate motivation, little progress is gained.

Rhonda Thurman seems unaware of even the part of her statements that refer to the poor people in her own family and how it provides so much information about herself. The part of a statement that includes, "... they are still expected to learn," I'll address, below:

When I read the word "they," I see and hear separation and exclusion.

When I read the word "expected," I also hear and see separation and exclusion. When I read the word "still," I hear and see that ample investments in appropriate methods, resources and motivation utilized.

So, therefore as we make our decisions, let's put those in charge who will accept their charge and that is for all of the children. And, then attitudes will improve, throughout.