Letters to Editors

Letters to Editors

July 20th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Obama's scare tactic shameful

The president is once again trying to scare senior citizens to further his re-election attempt.

He told a CBS interviewer that he "could not guarantee" payment of Social Security and military paychecks next month.

After the TV commercial showing granny being pushed over a cliff, this is not surprising.

The federal government will have about $203 billion income in August, and $20 billion needed to pay interest on the debt. Unfortunately, we will have about $300 billion to be paid for all bills. After paying the debt interest, $183 billion would remain. I am sure that Social Security, disability and military pay would not be that much.

Obama could easily pay the retirees, disabled and military without scaring them. That is a crass, immature scare tactic which he hopes will cause the Republicans to cave. He will "find" the money to make the payroll after the scary letters are mailed.

The House should pass legislation raising the debt by $100 million and reducing expenses by a specified $100 million. It should state clearly that Social Security and military pay is guaranteed. Let the Senate Democrats and the president pass it, or be tarred for failure.


Church has become GOP headquarters

A recent letter stated that Republicans are religious hypocrites. They lie about Social Security, Medicare, welfare and any program that helps the poor.

They are without a doubt the modern-day Pharisees that the Bible speaks of.

They all attend church and have a form of godliness. Jesus explains these people in Luke 11:39-44; also in 2 Timothy 3:5. The church has become Republican headquarters.

Social Security is not an entitlement; you paid for this. The ill-informed teabaggers are pushing for their own demise: no regulations, OK -- would anyone like a tall glass of dirty water.

Republicans want to end Medicare with vouchers. This would shift more costs to seniors. Also into the arms of our friends, the insurance companies.

No more tax cuts for the rich.

Bring the troops home.

No tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

Close loopholes for special interests.

My wife brought up an interesting point. No one trusts the government but they will not put their money in the bank unless it is FDIC insured, government-backed insurance on your money.

The one thing Americans will not put up with is common sense.


Pay bondholders, military first

The statement recently by President Obama that Social Security recipients might not receive checks after Aug. 2 should be taken with a grain of salt.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not our most important priorities. Our military and our bondholders should be paid first.

Our Treasury takes in enough money to pay these obligations. Obama's 12 steps to debt dependency will force Americans to continue their hope upon the government rather than themselves and God.

Any talk of a default is a childish scare tactic. Congress needs to realize Obama would rather see America destroyed than have her get her financial house in order.

Can Obama raise his own personal debt limit with banks simply by saying he will not be able to pay his bills? Then why does he say this about the U.S.? Simply because he is caught in a system of dependency that he believes he has to perpetuate.

Obama is not a vet. He does not know what sacrifice and necessity really mean. Our budget solution is simple: admit we made unrealistic promises (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.) and pay our military and bondholders first.

Whatever happens thereafter we will deal with as a nation.


'Hairspray' is a must-see

If you have not been to the Chattanooga Theatre Centre lately, then you need to get some friends together and go see the play "Hairspray."

Playing before a full house on Friday night, this play will keep you laughing the entire time, from the time the curtains open until they close.

You will be entertained by some of the most talented young people and a few older ones, as well.

This play was well directed by George Quick.

For a wonderful evening of entertainment this production is a must- see.

BETTY EWING, Signal Mountain

Leave poor people alone

I read in this newspaper not long ago the "baby boomers" spend more money in America than anyone.

So I would like to know why our so-called "lawmakers" want to mess with Social Security, Medicare, disability? This is not their money. This is money we have paid in since we were teenagers. We don't get big checks every month like the "Fat Cats" in D.C. do.

Since everything from gas to groceries go up every week, my husband and I don't have a cent the last week before my little Social Security check comes.

The "lawmakers" need to remember that all of us baby boomers vote. Any one of them who messes with our little dab of money will not win any election next year.

Worried about the high debt? Everyone who holds an office in D.C. should dig in their deep pockets and leave us poor people alone.

And we will remember anyone who votes to hurt us. Don't forget what they say about paybacks!

EMMA JONES, Rising Fawn, Ga.

Make sure nuclear is a bad memory

Don't be shocked about the zombies in Miller Park today at 11:30 a.m., then at 12:15 p.m. at TVA's Market Street headquarters. It's appropriate costuming to protest TVA's proposed line of new nuclear plants.

We hope you join us.

Considering the latest nuclear disaster, Fukushima, along with all our nuclear plants' "periodic releases" of radiation, the mounting American nuclear waste with no final destination -- traveling our roads, we're all sucking the same nuclear tail pipe in this little fish bowl we call Earth.

And those of us living in the fallout zone and downstream would like to say, "no more nuclear." We'd also like copies of TVA's evacuation plans for the existing plants, including a schedule of the radiation and other waste-product releases into the air and our drinking water. It's not right that no one hears about releases and errors unless someone other than "the authorities" has the time and money to request, test and report.

Join Sierra Club, BEST, BREDL and MATRR in making sure nuclear is a bad memory of the atomic age.


Representatives disregard some

Although American citizens have a right to know what government is doing and can demand necessary reforms, many of our representatives disregard constituents whose political party isn't the same as their own. Some taxpaying citizens are feeling very abandoned these days.

Fair taxation should be a percentage of each person's income above poverty level, but our wealthiest citizens aren't putting anything into the pot. It isn't being required of them because of corrupt GOP legislation designed to be mutually advantageous. Welfare for the wealthy, and power for plunderers is unjustifiable.

"No taxation without representation" might apply overall, as would a message to tax-dodgers: "No representation without taxpaying."

Those who demand preference have no right to influence government policy, for they have abandoned the nation's general well-being. Those who support the operations of government by paying their fair share are further disregarded by representatives currently demanding budget cuts on necessary regulation.

Republicans who do the bidding of outlandishly greedy Americans haven't earned moral right to legislate, vote on presidential appointees, or set the budget. All elected representatives should be ousted from office if their actual goal is creation of an imperious, permanently dominant, political party.