Letters to Editors

Letters to Editors

July 21st, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Job-creation claim doesn't pass test

I, like a lot of folks, question the Free Press editorial page that continues to hark the 2001 tax break for the wealthy that the editor (GOP) continues to say has created jobs and keeping the tax break will continue to create jobs.

Remember all the editorials that said give the tax break and the rich will invest the money and jobs, jobs will be created?

The trouble is the record doesn't bear out the claim.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that net jobs (jobs created vs. jobs lost) by month from 2001 through January 2009 were 118,250! Now compare this to the President Bill Clinton period for jobs created under his eight-year watch, and you will find that there were 2,458,400 net jobs created before the 2001 tax giveaway to the rich.

I wonder what happened to this GOP theory, but I suppose the rich folks could/must have gotten on the wrong plane/bus/train/boat and went to the wrong country and created jobs there, huh?

JIM POSTON, Whitwell, Tenn.

Support Corker for his convictions

You can't find Bob Corker's name in the Bible, but Jesus tells a story that seems to apply to our U.S. senator.

"There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, 'Son, go and work today in the vineyard.' 'I will not,' he answered, but later he changed his mind and went. Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. He answered, 'I will, sir,' but he did not go. Which of the two did what his father wanted?" (Matthew 21:28-31).

Many years ago, Corker did not hold a strong pro-life or pro-choice position. Later, when he made his successful bid for U.S. Senate, he voiced a strong pro-life conviction during the campaign. Clearly he meant it, as his record with National Right to Life has been 100 percent pro-life since being elected. (Even his colleague Lamar Alexander cannot boast such consistency.) We should have figured Corker would vote this way, because he is well known as a man of his word.

I encourage all those who hold a pro-life position to do all they can to support Sen. Corker in this term and in any future campaigns.


Grant gay people marriage equality

New York isn't the first and won't be the last to legalize same-sex marriage.

This isn't a prediction I put any stake in, but an ethical progression of our culture.

When you say homosexual relationships aren't the equivalent of heterosexual relationships, as was said July 10 in a letter, you forget that they only differ in one word.

The writer insists they're not homophobic, but saying you're concerned that the common type of marriage, heterosexual, is demeaned by including a minority marriage form, homosexual, is like saying "I'm not racist, I'm worried that white people will be degraded by intermarrying with black people."

I equate discrimination against black people and gay people because they're both inborn traits that little can be done about, short of being celibate for homosexuals, which most people, according to St. Paul, cannot do.

Gay marriage aids society in that it prevents promiscuity among people. This is especially the case for gays, stereotyped as sexually liberal and flamboyant.

Gay marriage and gay people benefit our society as people of different races do; they bring diversity to our world and broaden our perspective. Gay people exist, albeit as a minority, so why not grant them marriage equality?

JARED S. COWAN, Sewanee, Tenn.

Don't let history repeat with UAW

I saw in the paper the UAW has started working on VW.

Prior to moving to Chattanooga, I was in corporate automotive quality management and got to see a lot. If the UAW gets into one plant in the South it will use that leverage to convince all Southern plants and their suppliers that they need a union.

If it had not been for the UAW, we would all still be driving cars with American names. The UAW squeezed the American auto industry so much that costs got so high they became an easy target for the foreign auto manufacturers.

I worked with nearly all the assembly plants in the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada, including VW when they built the Rabbit in Pennsylvania. If the UAW gets into VW, history will repeat itself. If the UAW gets into VW, the only winner will be the union, not the employees and certainly not VW.

Many members will tell you they are in the UAW because that is the only way they could get a job. The UAW is after your money, and after they get it you will see how little they do for you. Don't let history repeat itself.


Should we thank China for checks?

President Obama said the U.S. Treasury would probably be unable to send checks to Social Security recipients if the debt level is not raised. If, and when, the limit is raised, should we send a thank-you note to Red China for allowing us to make those payments?


Why pay workers for poor quality?

Shocking is the reaction of some leaders of the State Employees Association who called Gov. Haslam "mean spirited" because he did not approve a pay raise for some marginal employees.

According to the Times Free Press, his decision involved individuals in the following categories.

1 Disciplined over the past year.

  1. Demoted

  2. Suspended

  3. Warned in writing twice in the past year.

When workers and supervisors express audacious attitudes like this, is there any wonder that workers feel put upon when held accountable for their performance?

Since when are rewards given for poor-quality work? Since when are people motivated to do better if their salary goes up automatically? Since when does pride in accomplishment result from lazy or shoddy effort?


Men pitch in to clear debris

I just wanted to say thank you to the following young men: Dean Grossreutz, Bobby Reed and Mark Parmes. On April 27 a large tree fell in my back yard and took two other trees with it. I am an older lady. These men spent seven hours and cleaned it up and did not take a penny. What a wonderful gift.


'Barack Ollama' is inappropriate

I was enjoying a pleasant evening at the Lookouts' game July 16 until poor judgment appeared in the form of "Barack Ollama." The audience was "entertained" with ridiculous antics by this large inflated parody of the president of our country.

If intended to be a political statement, it was inappropriate for the venue. Regardless of persona political preferences, using the U.S.A.'s president in such a disrespectful way demonstrates a disturbing erosion of national pride. I would hope for more from our city.


Prosecute real criminals

A letter writer's advice (July 17) is to speak up concerning the prank three boys played on East Lake residents.

My speak up says "Boys will be boys" - young boys from fine homes with sterling backgrounds - firecrackers yet!

C'mon, Chief Dodd, find some real criminals to prosecute.