Glaciers melting from bottom up

Glaciers melting from bottom up


June 11th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Glaciers melting from bottom up

These so-called experts in climate change continue to not mention the obvious when it comes to glacial melt.

Glaciers are melting from the bottom up, which means the rock that the glaciers rest on is warming up.

That warming can be explained with known facts about volcanism and plate tectonics.

These two natural processes will have an extreme and quick negative effect with respect to natural climate changes, when it comes to human life on this planet.

These two processes alone are responsible for shaping our planet and will continue to do so no matter what humans think, do or say.



At-risk children should top fund list

Our city needs leadership. We need leaders who will think of the consequences of their actions, and then lead courageously ... isn't that what we teach our children? Isn't that the responsibility of elected officials?

The issue of the county vs. city and tax collections is not becoming of leaders. The "he said-she said" stories are more than embarrassing. The budget does not reflect leadership.

In the budget, the public library budget increases by nearly 50 percent, Enterprise South Nature Park by 46 percent, and the madness goes on.

The budget cuts funding to Children's Home-Chambliss Shelter, an agency that serves the city and the county's at-risk children, nurturing them, providing shelter and ultimately placing some in foster care. The preliminary budget cuts the Children's Home-Chambliss Shelter's budget by 100 percent.

Surely our at-risk children are more important than a nature park. I would normally advocate for the library; however, it, too, should take a back seat to children.

Be a leader. Make difficult decisions ... lead us as you promised to do.

I serve on the board of directors of Children's Home-Chambliss Shelter. However, I am a concerned citizen first and foremost.


President helps those who hate us

Recently, President Obama shocked the USA and possibly, the whole Western world in throwing Israel "under the bus," as a politician stated.

As Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that would even spit on us if we were on fire, I wonder at his motivation.

But once again, Obama has shown where his heart and soul are, and they are not the country of his birth but the culture and country of his upbringing.

Any who have read the Bible can look at Genesis 12:2-3 and the Abrahamic Covenant. This covenant lays out the title deed to Israel and Jerusalem.

This is not my opinion but the Word. My prayer is for my country, but will we ever recover from the coming famines with our fields flooded and the president giving away our foodstuffs and borrowing money to give to people who hate us and our way of life?