Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

March 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Time doesn't diminish truth

While amazed at the contextual impact of Mr. Bennett's concise cartoons, we disagree over Fox News' "lack of truthfulness."

Those who quickly label ideological counterparts as untruthful, often postulate, "There is no absolute truth!" Irony stalks somewhere.

Our nation has received more than two years of presidential promise, yet scarcely one out of 10 has seen the light of reality. President Obama's inclination is to promise the moon, but fail to produce a partially chewed Moon Pie. It's about the sheer volume of unrealized assurances, rather than the actual promises.

It appears that "Change You can Believe In" becomes "Change you just can't *%@&?#$! Believe!"

These inconvenient truths never appear in mainstream media while any politically incorrect failure, foible or inconsistency debuts front page.

Truth, or if non-existent, then facts, data or minute tidbits of accuracy are not time-worn easily. Its passage does not diminish them.

Galileo's and Sir Isaac Newton's scientific theorems have withstood the passage of about 500 years.

Time's constant tread has been much gentler to President Reagan's actions and political views than it has on his opponents.

Time and history will validate and vindicate these contrasting positions, Mr. Bennett's, Mr. Obama's and Fox News', and that's the truth.

JOHN MARTINDALE, Sugar Valley, Ga.

Food Bank benefits from 'Makeover'

It has been a month since the "Extreme Home Makeover" event engaged the entire Chattanooga community in a celebration of philanthropy at work. The Chattanooga Area Food Bank was honored to participate by receiving almost 30,000 pounds of wonderful food donations.

For five days, volunteers dropped off cans on their way to build a new home for a local family. Businesses, schools and churches hosted barrels to collect food from the wider community, and many pounds were dropped off at the Food Bank.

The outpouring of volunteers and support was not new to the Food Bank. We experience this generosity daily, as neighbors help neighbors by packing food boxes or weekend bags, sorting cans, driving trucks, and many other tasks. The overwhelming response to the home makeover proves, once again, how generous this community is and reaches far beyond one neighborhood and one family to many families and neighborhoods.

It was a privilege to be a part in a supremely organized and marketed effort. We wish the Sharrock family good health and long life in their new home.

CLARE SAWYER, President Chattanooga Area Food Bank