Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 5th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Storm volunteers work tirelessly

While the devastation in the wake of the deadly storms is the source of grief and loss, it also has brought out some of the best in our community.

Our street in Collegedale suffered damage that included the loss of almost all of the tall trees in the neighborhood. With trees felled across the road, driveways and houses, it was impossible to drive in or out for assistance. The enormous cleanup task was overwhelming to most of us on the street and was further compounded by a power outage that eventually lasted more than four days.

Almost immediately after the storm, a number of volunteers swarmed throughout the neighborhood, clearing trees from the roads and driveways. Each of the next four days saw many volunteers who worked tirelessly on behalf of complete strangers.

To all of those whose efforts and sacrifices made our overwhelming situation into something more easily manageable, we in our neighborhood say a heartfelt "Thank You!" Special thanks to Terry Wooten, Todd Davidson, the Guardian Angels, Brainerd Baptist, and to all volunteers who ran chain saws, stacked logs and supplied meals and water. Your efforts demonstrate the absolute best in our society. May God bless you all!

ROBERT REAGAN, Collegedale

Main and his staff caring, dedicated

I suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage in 2007. After a short stay in Erlanger, I was admitted to Siskin Rehabilitation to recover from left side paralysis.

Following my second day there, I awoke to a single red rose that had been placed by my bedside. I reached over to see it closely and took a big whiff of that beautiful flower. What a fulfilling smell! However, I was wondering, "Who had put it there?" There was a note from Bob Main, wishing me a quick recovery. He obviously cared enough even with all his job responsibilities to check on one of his many patients.

To this day and from now on, I owe Bob Main and his staff at Siskin Rehabilitation a debt of gratitude for all that they did for me while I was recovering from that brain trauma and getting prepared for surgery. They were a compassionate, caring and cohesive group of dedicated associates.

Thanks to Bob Main and his staff. I will never forget the sweet smell of roses.

Bob Main is an excellent choice for Chattanooga's manager of the year!


Evil man's real defeat still to come

Death of a terrorist:

I find it hard to rejoice at the death of any person. However, I am pleased to no longer share this earth with the evil man who found it so easy to destroy lives to fulfill his violent political mission. I look forward to his real defeat - when we truly allow our fellow citizens of this planet to seek salvation and meaning by any peaceful path they wish, without fear, without discrimination, without oppression and without bloodshed.