New center should wake up Christians

New center should wake up Christians


May 6th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

New center should wake up Christians

As a local pastor, the construction of the Islamic Center brings to light some important issues:

First, the announcement itself: Why would the Times Free Press make this front page news (May 1)? When our surrounding region is dealing with not only the loss of life, but the overall magnitude of devastation caused by last week's events and there are plenty of stories yet to be told of local heroes giving of themselves for love of others and community.

The second would be in regard to the acceptance of the Islamic Center in general. Does our nation support freedom of religion? Yes. However, should those who are followers of Christ roll out a red carpet for the proclamation of falsehood? Absolutely not!

The fact is we as Christians and Christian congregations should use this opportunity to recess our hearts in fulfilling the great commission. Having this center being built in our backyards should stir our hearts for heralding the gospel of Jesus Christ, for He alone brings salvation.

Could it be that we living in the greater Chattanooga area have been lulled to sleep with a steeple on nearly every corner? God help us, the church, to awaken.


Senior Pastor

Hickory Valley

Baptist Church

U.S. wastes funds on college sports

I just finished reading that the United States Justice Department sent a letter to the NCAA asking why there is no playoff system in Division I, or whatever they call it now, football. Is this all that our Justice Department has to do?

With everything that is going on in America and the rest of the world, this is what our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent on?

I don't mind that my taxes are paying for things that are needed such as clean water, good roads, unemployment benefits, etc., but I have a problem with the government getting involved in a collegiate sport.

They can't even make the NFL to not lock out its paid players. Why do they think they have the right to tell universities to have a playoff?

My tax dollars went to Chrysler, even though I have never owned one and don't intend to. I think enough is enough.

The Justice Department should go after GE and other big corporations that don't pay taxes.


Needed information missing from radio

There is a serious need for getting information to the public during disasters. When electricity is off, the only practical way is from existing stations to our battery-powered radios.

During this disaster, 95-99 percent of the time, information was totally absent from the programming. I continually tuned through all stations. There was nothing but the usual mindless blah-blah about nothing that mattered.

Once, FM 101 had the Channel 3 weather people giving extremely valuable information on what was coming. Then, suddenly it was back to the usual. I again heard them briefly on another station. Then the DJ said they were switched on when the station staff went to their storm shelter; we'd have been better off if they'd stayed in it.

Our emergency management people need to coordinate with all the organizations that should be involved - radio stations, weather people, EPB, police, fire, medical.

Did some of the victims die because of a lack of information - that their tornado was coming or how close it was?