Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 19th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Consider Traylor as superintendent

Ever since Dr. Jim Scales has been schools superintendent here in Hamilton County, this gentleman has brought decorum that many of the school board members themselves basically lack.

When another schools superintendent is appointed, I nominate to the chair Dr. Horace Jerome Traylor, a former resident from this city, former president of Zion and City colleges, and former vice chancellor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. To this day, he still serves UTC for various capacities. They still rely upon him for attributes toward leadership in an efficient manner.


Compromise on tax issue

In regard to the Amazon sales tax situation, where local and state officials worked to make this happen for the overall good of the area, I would like to offer somewhat of a compromise.

Have Amazon list on the sales invoice the amount the sales tax would be, and when the customer receives it, they could pay it, if they choose to, at their grocery store.

Grocery stores already collect sales tax, and they could just add this to their current sales tax remittance, which they already get a stipend for collecting.

This way the state and local governments would realize some additional revenue and we would still get the benefit of the jobs their presence would provide.

HERMAN LOCKE, Signal Mountain

Concert-goer needs information

I recently attended a Bon Jovi concert in Atlanta. Sitting next to me was a lady from Chattanooga and her daughter-in-law from Sydney, Australia.

They were quite disappointed that their camera battery died and asked if I would send them pics that I was taking. I said sure and even took a few pics of them. They were thrilled and told me how much it would mean to them! She wrote her info down on a very small piece of paper and I lost it! I didn't even look at the information so all I have to go on is that she is from Chattanooga (and that her daughter-in-law is from Australia).

I would love to send her these concert pictures, and this is the only way I can think of to locate her. Would you please put this in your letters to the editor? The concert was last Saturday (14 May). By the way, Bon Jovi was great!

ANNE BUKOVICH, 141 Barnswallow Lane, Stafford, VA 22556

Voucher system not free market

The Wall Street Journal's May 13 editorial about defeating school vouchers in Tennessee - "Tennessee's Chamber Maids" - was actually an example of defining truth down as they punk'd both the Chambers of Commerce in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville and Tennessee's organized teachers.

First, opponents of vouchers worry that they'll lead to excessive entanglements of church with state. In fact, the ACLU already has said they would file on behalf of teachers in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Second, proponents should worry about excessive involvement of state in private and religious schools.

Third, the point of vouchers is to insert free-market forces into public education, but the strings attached to the participating private schools stifle free-market intent.

But, fourth, is the fact that you always have effects that are unanticipated or unintended

Finally, if private schools must have the same curricular and testing mandates of public schools, it's not a free market.

B.J. PASCHAL, Sevierville, Tenn.

EPB should focus on power business

Reports that power is finally being restored for Chattanooga-area homes and businesses following the devastation from the tornadoes is welcome news. But the delay in restoring vital communications services raises serious questions about EPB's involvement in the communications marketplace. ("Telecom blackout in sights of crews," Ellis Smith, May 7).

As the sole power company in the area, EPB is right to make turning the lights back on its "first priority." But that should be its only priority. Residents and businesses who rely on private communications companies such as Comcast and AT&T should not have to "wait their turn" for power to be restored while EPB also juggles repairing its Internet and cable services.

Time and again public utility companies have sought to enter the communications market. And time and again, such efforts have failed. The recent disaster is yet one more reason why utilities like EPB should focus on the power business and stay out of the Internet and cable business.

All Chattanoogans deserve to have their power, as well as cable and telecommunications, back on as soon as possible. None should not have to "wait their turn" while the local power company fiddles with anything but turning the lights back on.

JEFFREY MAZZELLA, President, Center for Individual Freedom Alexandria, Va.

Don't feel sorry for bin Laden

In response to Sunday's letter, "Where is the outrage over bin Laden raid?" Are we supposed to feel sorry for bin Laden as the writer seems to be. Is it wrong to kill the unarmed bin Laden but OK for him to murder the more then 3,000 unarmed people that he murdered on 9/11?

Maybe you would think differently if one of those was a relative of yours.

The so-called sovereign nation Pakistan has been harboring this criminal for years. Where is the justice?

God Bless the USA!