GOP not honest with the people

GOP not honest with the people


May 20th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

GOP not honest with the people

It seems clear to me that the Republican Party is not honest with the people.

They claim to want to reduce the debt of the country but refuse to take away billions in tax breaks for an industry that clearly does not need it, the oil industry.

If the tax breaks came with conditions resulting in the creation of more domestic oil production then possibly they could be justified.

There does not appear to be any conditions on these tax breaks.


Coffee County

Fleischmann touts 'trickle down' lies

Recently, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann wrote me a letter defending his vote to dismantle Medicare. The Ryan bill, which he embraces, is an assault on America and our social values. While slashing funds for the elderly, the poor, the uninsured, and single mothers, it bestows on the uber-rich and the corporate elite even more tax cuts.

Republicans keep selling the same old snake oil. There are some morons who keep waiting for the money that our government gives the rich to "trickle down." Many of those morons have been waiting since Reagan's presidency for that flow of cash to reach the bottom.

The Republicans behind the Ryan bill are the same hypocrites that claim the "free market" is the solution to every problem. Yet when the Democrats propose ending government subsides for oil companies, they fight tooth and nail to maintain this welfare program for Big Oil.

Fleischmann states unequivocally that the plan he supports will reduce the Medicaid rolls. So what happens with those people, Chuck? I guess they just have to pay for their medical care out of their trust funds like you do. One day Americans will finally see that you and your Teabag ilk are only motivated by greed.


Americans' rights slipping away

When I see the news and what is going on in other countries concerning human and constitutional rights, I feel lucky to live in the United States.

But am I really that lucky?

Cops are given the right to bust in our door if they suspect something is going on. It sounds like the SS from Nazi Germany is coming our way.

What is going to be allowed next? Are they going to be able to gather us up and ship us to the concentration camps that are awaiting us already setup?

Police or no police, an intruder is an intruder and this is something that should be considered seriously because it will result in the death of many officers and innocent people.

I am tired of our rights slowly slipping away from us and believe it is time for the American public to really take a stand on what is going on around us.

Not only is our government corrupt, but we have these large corporations taking over our country and ruling it.

Who makes the laws in the U.S.? This was foreseen over 30 years ago, yet nobody wanted to put a stop to all of this. So here we are.


Cleveland, Tenn.