Film club features Russian movies

Film club features Russian movies


November 4th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Film club features Russian movies

This is the debut year for the Russian Film Club (Russkie Kino Klub) of Chattanooga.

We meet on the third Saturday of every month at my house in East Ridge, beginning with a light supper (including a vegetarian pizza) at 6:15 p.m. Then we watch a Russian movie with English subtitles and discuss the film afterward.

November's movie, "Balthazar's Feast," will be on Nov. 19. We welcome any interested people, but especially those who speak Russian.

Feel free to visit our web site at; you do not need "www." My phone number is 332-2262. Please call for directions or more information.


East Ridge

Find disease cause to help homeless

A homeless man sitting on the street corner may be less to blame for his unemployment than most people recognize. Ragged clothing and a tattered suitcase symbolize failure to some, but in reality it is the reflection of the minds of the majority of the homeless. Mental diseases, such as schizophrenia, are often the cause of unemployment and homelessness.

The root of the problem is the unknown cause of the disorder. These two factors combined make it next to impossible for people with limited means to receive proper treatment. This begs the question: how can individuals with schizophrenia not end up on the streets?

Although studies have been generally inconclusive, a common thread is genetics. Through more research, scientists and doctors can become closer to finding the exact cause and develop effective treatment.

If a schizophrenia awareness foundation were established within the community, money could be donated to schizophrenia research through fundraisers. The money gathered within the city of Chattanooga could also go to families who cannot afford proper treatment for mental illnesses.

More knowledge about the cause of mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, will help reduce the homeless population.


Being kind not always best

Recently I was kind enough to slow to let a car enter from the right into a line of traffic. The car fourth behind me didn't slow, and two nice cars got smashed.

A year ago, a man motioned a young lady into his lane from a restaurant. Her intention was to turn left after she crossed through the second lane of traffic. Unfortunately, my new car was coming along in that lane just as she pulled out. Tore up mine and hers.

I say this to say, maybe it's not wise to be kind. Courteous, yes; kind, no. Just a thought, but perhaps worth serious pondering. For me, no more kindness. I wish us all safer experiences.


We must do better in helping veterans

I am privileged to live in the greatest nation in the world! This is due in large (part) to our brave troops who have served through the years. As Veterans Day approaches on Nov. 11, I thank all who serve and have served in our armed forces.

There is never enough that we can do for you, for what you are doing and have done for us! I ask those who read this letter to petition the Congress for better treatment of our military men and women. Also to give whatever it takes in materiel and manpower to bring this war to a quick conclusion and all our brave heroes home.

Do not believe everything that you read through the media about non-support for our troops. These people are in the minority!

Let's fly the American flag proudly, write Congress and demand they build better hospitals and staff them with the best doctors, for the care of our wounded veterans. Also, post yellow ribbons in support of our troops until every one of our brave souls have returned home.

Troops, we love you and are extremely proud of you!


Rossville, Ga.

Occupiers can help others in two ways

How about this idea?

Occupiers everywhere: Donate your time during the week to helping our/your city curb the problems of the city (gangs, children or youth who need a mentor, after-school programs, volunteering in homeless shelters, nursing homes, etc.)

Then on Saturdays, use your occupy status to peacefully demonstrate about life's inequalities and help with a plan to fix them. Now that's patriotic!


Cloudland, Ga.

Program cuts endanger seniors

I read where our U.S. House and Senate representatives can't find cuts in spending to balance our budget. In my opinion, we keep electing people who can always find taxpayer dollars for federal grants for paved walking trails, bike paths, libraries for politicians, etc., and nonessential wasteful projects.

We as a nation are $14 trillion in debt. Yet they can give billions of borrowed dollars to countries that hate us, but can't find money to protect our homeless, veterans and seniors. Some can't afford medicine to stay healthy, some without shelter on cold nights.

Their only solution is to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all that some seniors have to sustain life.

Most seniors have paid into these programs just to have politicians borrow from this fund without repaying the loan. Then they waste money on vote-buying pet projects.

Now they cannot find any way to balance the budget without cutting these programs, putting senior citizens' livelihoods at risk.

Why can't they cut all nonessential spending like bike paths, paved walking trails, etc., and use this money to care for our people first. Seems our elected officials care more about non-Americans than American citizens.



Corporations give to Obama too

The chairman of the Hamilton County Democrat Party, Paul Smith, declared, after a fundraiser for (Republican) Rep. Chuck Fleischmann brought in $200,000, that the corporate world is running America.

Of course, Mr. Smith overlooks the statement by Barack Obama that he intends to raise $1 billion for his re-election bid.

Big bucks are OK for Obama no matter where they come from. A billion does not come from small contributors except in fairy tales.


Fairfield Glade, Tenn.

Hospital staffs need training

Re: Ritz-Carlton training Erlanger employees. Congratulations to Erlanger on training their employees. They say they are rekindling their passion about why they chose health care.

Maybe some of the other big hospitals will follow suit, instead of allowing their staff to call assault charges on their sick patients.


Jobs to earn money would aid economy

To keep the present recession from slipping into a real sure-enough depression, we need to get money into the hands of people needing to buy things.

People out of work need productive jobs. The rich and successful people and organizations prefer to horde their money and aren't helping.

You shouldn't blame them for wanting us to reach rock bottom, where they can pick up desperately troubled and hungry enterprises and employees at the best price.

It's up to the government. There's plenty of worthwhile things that need to be done.

The work should be selected such that the value of that which is produced by the otherwise unemployed labor is more than enough to offset costs.

Those who are bickering about what to do should have figured that out. If done right, it would increase the country's wealth and make going further into debt worthwhile.

Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes would agree.


Sequatchie, Tenn.