Use Congress' plan, to fix things, right?

Use Congress' plan, to fix things, right?


November 6th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Use Congress' plan, to fix things, right?

Here's an idea: Americans can use the deficit reduction agreement Congress has adopted as a model to manage their personal budgets, and really cut spending.

Suppose one's annual income is $50,000, but they spend $80,000 annually, which is an annual deficit of $30,000.

Here's how: By using Congress' plan, they can cut $30,000 from their budget - just plan not to buy a new $60,000 Lexus they can't afford, and instead buy a new $30,000 Ford they can't afford.

They've saved $30,000, right?

And then they could have the unmitigated gall to brag about fiscal responsibility and run for Congress.


Flintstone, Ga.

Fort Oglethorpe needs to keep Long

I'm writing to support Lynn Long for re-election as mayor of Fort Oglethorpe.

Fort Oglethorpe is one of this area's fastest-growing areas and has the potential to become a major economic engine and jobs provider. The one thing that might hinder it is a city government that obstructs rather than promotes growth.

Although Mayor Long has considerable experience in government, his main background is as a private businessman. He understands the dynamics between government and the free market and knows how to responsibly attract business to the city.

Just as important, Mayor Long is a thoroughly decent man who goes about his duties with a modesty rare in public officials. Fort Oglethorpe is lucky to have him and can't do better than to keep him.

I recommend Mayor Long's website, It offers his biography, philosophy and ideas about the future of Fort Oglethorpe.


Fort Oglethorpe

Alexander vote is hypocritical

This letter is specifically directed toward Sen. Lamar Alexander, though all Republicans are voting along the same partisan line. His sanctimonious pretentiousness is very disturbing.

Alexander announced from the Senate floor that he is giving up his No. 3 position in the GOP leadership for the freedom to write laws, with Democrats, if need be. He later said: "I am giving up my seat at the table in exchange for some more independence."

Then he voted "no" for the bill which would have created 23,600 jobs in Tennessee alone - jobs for infrastructure repair, teachers, police, firefighters, etc.

Of course, every GOP senator voted "no," but this was just after Alexander had indicated that he might actually do something for working people for a change! Those jobs would have been paid for by a very small tax increase for those whose incomes exceed $1 million! The first $1 million would be free from that minor tax increase!

My question now is for all you people who run to vote for these Republicans: Why? Their only objective, as stated by McConnell, is to make President Obama a "one termer"! They care nothing about you, me, or the good of the U.S.A.!


Signal Mountain

Divorce hard on children

Imagine if every child in our city was growing up having to deal with divorce. In 1997, one in three children was raised by a single parent in our city. The divorce rate has only gone up and is now over 50 percent. The impact of divorce on children is detrimental, and the problem is starting to show in our society.

Everyone has heard or read about all the celebrity divorces that happen each year. The fact is that divorce causes significant effects on children. Studies are showing a lack of social skills, psychological and emotional problems as well as struggles in school for children having gone through a divorce.

These children have not asked for a divorced family but are having to deal with all the problems and stress that goes with divorce. Their childhoods can be made easier by others just showing little more care or by just taking an interest in their lives.

There is an easy way to help by just logging onto It is a website about helping children and giving them care so they can lead normal lives.


Veterans enjoy visit to city

The veterans of the 26th Bombardment Squadron, 11th Strategic Aerospace Wing, Altus, Okla., enjoyed a very pleasant reunion at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Oct. 24-27.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Choo Choo, many of the attractions in and around the city, and the wonderful reception we got from everyone involved in the planning of the reunion.

We thank, in particular, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, the Southern Belle staff, Chattanooga Coca-Cola, Bi-Lo food store on Dayton Boulevard, Chattanooga Bakery, McKee Bakery, Aldmor Bus Tours, and the Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitor Bureau, for their contributions and donations. We will be back!


Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)

Time to reconsider corporal discipline

For centuries, parents have enforced corporal punishment to teach children right from wrong. Many religious scripts enforce it, and it has been passed as a cultural norm in most societies. Americans use the phrase "Spare the rod, and spoil the child," but research suggests that we should reconsider this idea. Not only can corporal punishment be physically damaging but also scientists suggest that it can also be psychologically damaging.

First, let us define corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is "The use of physical force, no matter how light, with the intention of causing the child to experience bodily pain so as to correct or punish the child's behavior."

Children under 2 years undergo rapid brain development and rely on adults for safety. Corporal punishment can inhibit their development of trust, which leads to poor social skills.

Older children experiencing physical punishment have a higher tendency to hit their siblings and assault others. Psychologists also find that children may feel less guilt and more concern about being caught.

A healthy, nurturing bond between parent and child must be present. Punishment must be consistent. The child must see the punishment as "fair," punishment must be appropriate, and most importantly, punishment should lead to self-discipline.


Get politicians out in the open

We are facing many difficult issues and decisions in the elections of 2012.

We have many critical issues facing us locally and nationally that go back several years.

These issues can only be resolved when the people are willing to work together for solving the crisis in the way which is the best for our republic, not in the ways which make our republic's economy worse.

There has been a lot of information and misinformation about the 2007 deep recession, its causes and the differences of what each political party would do to correct the effects on our economy.

What would have happened if President Obama had done nothing for stabilizing the 2007 recession's negative effects while waiting on the private enterprise sectors to create the needed production jobs in the U.S.A.?

Have you thought about having several "civil" town hall meetings for getting information about the local events and discussing the local and national issues?

We need to get the politicians out in the open to hear what they have to say.

Are you satisfied with your representatives when they come for "fundraisers" and hide behind closed doors without the masses of people hearing what their opinions are?


Bradley County Democratic Party