Take all wins from Paterno

Take all wins from Paterno


November 14th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Take all wins from Paterno

If a college football player can be suspended four games for selling his jersey, SMU given the death penalty for two years for paying players, then Penn State football should be given the death penalty forever for knowing and letting these things go on and not doing anything about it.

Joe Paterno has preached for years that Penn State did things "The Right Way." Not! Paterno wasn't worried about doing things the right way. He was only worried about getting the win record and not having anything ruin his image. All his wins should be taken away. The almighty NCAA took wins away from Bobby Bowden for a lot less offense than this.

The DA said he did nothing wrong? He went to his boss with this? I beg to differ. Who in their right mind thinks Joe Pa had a boss for the last 30 years? He was his own boss, just like Bobby Knight was at Indiana. He was Penn State! This is what happens when anyone is put on a pedestal. The higher they are, the harder they fall. There has been only one man (a saint) who has walked this earth, and that was Jesus.

The offenders should be given life in prison.


Banners show what city is about

In response to the letters about the downtown banners, I, too, love the new colorful layout.

I also like knowing that the people used in those banners were picked right from downtown.

My husband had his picture taken at the Market as part of the downtown promotion. We thought it was pretty cool that we had the chance to try out for a downtown ad.

I go to town to eat at restaurants, walk over the bridge and play with my family in the park. My daughter saw her friend in one of those ads.

Those banners represent what Chattanooga is about, celebrating the people who keep it going by living and playing here.


Signal Mountain

Founding Fathers were aristocrats

There appears to be a question about America's "aristocracy."

"Aristocrat" means a family that retains wealth and power through several generations. Although America had no colonial nobility, it had a recognized aristocracy. Founding Fathers were aristocrats. After the War of 1812, aristocrats lived throughout the country with only loosely drawn caste lines.

Revolutionary War officers founded the Society of Cincinnati in 1783. Hereditary membership passes from father to eldest son in the noble Norman tradition. Society members despised liberty and equality and wanted strong centralized government to protect property rights and put lower classes in their place. Thirty-nine delegates plus 12 state deputies signed the Constitution. Twenty-three delegates were Society members.

Alexander Hamilton, a society member, applied the Constitution's "necessary and proper clause" to create a national bank empowered to print money and bind moneyed classes to government. Rather than offend moneyed classes, he taxed small farmers with force of arms.

A "republic" is "a society with equality between its members." Since federalism by design serves the aristocracy rather than all the people, it is neither a republic nor democracy. Federalists consciously betrayed the people for personal gain which is an unprincipled, contemptible display of class warfare. What about the Constitution's promises?


Continue tests despite counsel

Recently the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force gained significant publicity when it recommended that men reduce or forgo PSA testing and questioned the effectiveness of mammograms for many women.

My wife is a five-year breast cancer survivor because of early detection by annual mammograms. I recently had successful surgery for prostate cancer for which the only evidence was a slightly elevated PSA.

We realize that in the eyes of the U.S. Preventive Task Force, we represent only anecdotal evidence which is statistically insignificant.

Let me assure you that we are two healthy and happy anecdotes who encourage you to continue your mammograms and PSA testing despite the recommendations of some task force of questionable credentials and motivation.

It may be worthy of note that the current makeup of this task force does not include a single urologist (prostate) or oncologist (cancer) specialist.


Signal Mountain

Get a leg up with second language

It seems that every parent's dream today is for their child to be ahead of the game and at the top of his or her class.

One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate a second language into your child's vocabulary.

According to Ellen Bialystok, a leading Canadian psychologist, being bilingual can help a child to increase brain speed and power. It can also help to increase vocabulary and even job opportunities. Learning a second language can be extremely easy for young children, so the question is: Why not?

With today's changing and diverse society, being bilingual offers children the opportunity to grow into a much more adaptive young adult. Being adaptive can allow many more possibilities both socially and professionally. For example, even here in Chattanooga there are examples of opportunities to blossom from being bilingual. The Volkswagen plant would surely be more eager to hire an applicant who is fluent in English and German.

With the way the job market is currently going, any leg up on the rest of the world is a very valuable asset. Learning new languages comes natural to children, so expand your child's horizons with this great opportunity.


Doctor's schedule trumps patient

Hippocrates, for whom the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors of medicine is remembered, would turn over in his tomb if he read this. My wife is suffering from what her rheumatolgist diagnosed as osteoarthritis. At times the pain is terrible. This week she was crying so much from the pain that she decided she needed to see her doctor for a shot. The receptionist sternly told me that the doctor's last appointment was 3 o'clock, no exceptions.

I submit this question to all in the medical field: Why has it gotten to the point that the pain and suffering of a human and/or patient becomes less important than "the last appointment is at 3." My call time was 3:20. It was a beautiful day for a round of golf, however.



Marines help groups, campaign

The Chattanooga Association of Insurance Professionals would like to thank Sgt. Brett Moree and USMC Honor Guard Battery M, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division, Chattanooga, Tenn., for their participation in our Flag Folding Ceremony and their kick-off for the Hamilton County Toys for Tots campaign, which was held on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Sgt. Moree would like for more businesses, churches and people who are planning events to utilize their services. To have him speak about the tours of duty he and his men have accomplished is heart-warming and educational.

We urge all residents of Hamilton County to send a donation or stop by the many Toys for Tots sites and donate something so they can help provide toys for needy children. Checks are to be made payable to Toys for Tots.