'Right-to-carry law prevents crime' and more letters to the editors

'Right-to-carry law prevents crime' and more letters to the editors

November 15th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Right-to-carry law prevents crime

Everyone is at risk of criminal activity supported by handguns. However, just like the high school student who wants to go out of the country for spring break despite the dangers, many people consider the common phrase: "It will never happen to me." Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Although gun laws preventing the right to carry hold the illusion of keeping citizens more safe, the truth is actually the complete opposite. In locations such as Washington D.C. that have strict gun laws, the crime rate actually sits at an all-time high.

When put into perspective, gun laws preventing citizens the right to carry only raise their risk of victimization. Due to law-abiding citizens who would follow the law and therefore have no gun, criminals would have the upper hand.

If a criminal is going to break one law, why would he not break the gun law in order to break another that is on his agenda anyway?

Thankfully, Tennessee allows the right to carry with a permit. The more people who obtain those permits allows for a lesser rate of crime due to preventable action. Families are safer, and criminals think twice before threatening someone for their wallet.


Statehood bid violates accords

The group of Arabs calling themselves Palestinians have now appealed to the United Nations for statehood, which is in violation of the Oslo Accords, which clearly states "that the final borders will be decided by negotiations and that unilateral actions constitute violation of the accords."

This thread of unilaterally declaring nationhood and being associated with Hamas raised the question of why doesn't Israel do like our Chattanooga mayor and annex Judea, Samaria, West Bank, etc.!

If annexation should happen, will Egypt, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and other Arab states allow the return of the exiled Arabs now living in Judea, Samaria and the West Bank? I doubt it!

So how about their friend Iran, which supplies the rockets that target Jewish schoolchildren?

Since the property in question was part of ancient Israel, they should also be part of modern Israel, just as Jehovah intended when He gave the land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Hamill travelers need to slow down

To those who travel Hamill Road between Highway 153 and Hixson Pike, the speed limit is 35 mph.

The turning lane is for turning only, not for passing a car going slower than you like. The turning lane is not your personal lane either.

For those leaving the Sports Barn, you have a stop sign. Please stop instead of coming to a rolling stop. For those coming out talking on a cell phone, why not make your call before you leave. You put others in danger by not paying attention to traffic.

There has already been one accident because a woman decided to come out, with another car coming, and she was coming from the Sports Barn.

For those of us who live on Hamill Road between 153 and Hixson Pike, please give us a break and slow down.



EPB service put Comcast on hold

After seeing Comcast's latest attacks at EPB, putting up their signs stating "No FI ZONE," and a commercial with a single person who left EPB, (versus the thousands lost by Comcast), please remember this, Comcast customers.

Before EPB, Comcast would "announce" the amount of their yearly increase. After wasting a lot of money trying to keep EPB from getting a cable license, said increases stopped once EPB began competition. Comcast found just as AT&T did, that poor customer service and an "arrogant" attitude would "cost" them. What would your rates be now without EPB?



America seems the most divided

This year I traveled to the East (Thailand, mostly Buddhist), the Mideast (Turkey, mostly Muslem), and Europe (Germany and Czech Republic, mostly Christian).

All have rich histories, far older than ours. I visited wats, mosques, temples, churches and cathedrals. In each country I found interesting people: old, young, rich, poor, dark, light.

They (as we) want peace, security, employment, quality education, good health care, a livable environment.

There are differences. Others are thinner than Americans. Thais are smaller, more patient, tolerant and persevering. Germans and Turks smoke more. Turks gesture with their hands.

Gasoline is expensive. Solar and wind farms were evident in Germany; solar water heaters topped buildings in Turkey; Thais catch water in huge pots for the dry season. Children are taught more than one language. Health care is more affordable either due to government-sponsored or reasonable insurance or lower costs for services.

Every country has problems; people don't always agree with governments. None, however, seem to be so divided as Americans. Rather than work together for our country's common good, we rant about our ills, cast blame, spread fear, and accentuate differences -- exacerbated by media. Angry and hateful, how can most of us call ourselves Christian?


Help those in worse shape

World Wars I and II are the most remembered wars, the Korean War the most forgotten, and the Vietnam War we want to forget.

I am a Vietnam vet and have seen, after 38 years, some vets are singing the blues "woe is me," and not feeling appreciated.

Vietnam vets, me included, had eggs thrown at us, called baby killers, widow makers, and never thought of as heroes.

Yes, that war was a tragedy. But I am fed up with whiners. While you are standing on your two feet, visit a vet who has no legs or arms or find a vet who liberated the death camps in Germany.

Look at them, show them appreciation, and they in return will appreciate you because vets have a common bond.

We are still at war and we are in this together. My advice is get over it, move on and help those who are in worse shape than you. Then you will be proud of yourself.

Americans do appreciate our veterans.


Deportations rise considerably

One of the biggest Republican lies being told today is that the Obama administration is doing nothing about immigration.

A fact check reveals that Obama deported a record number of foreign nationals in the year ending Sept. 30, nearly three and a half times as many as 10 years ago.

The No. 1 deportation center was at San Antonio. The vast majority of those deported were Mexicans, and many had criminal backgrounds.

The push to round up illegals and return them to their homeland began in the George W. Bush era but has risen to record levels under President Obama.

Why lie about immigration(?) to try and make Obama a one-term president. The lie makes for a good story if one is willing to ignore truth.


Sevierville, Tenn.