Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

November 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Cain cartoon shows Bennett's bigotry

Re: Clay Bennett's cartoon (Nov. 9) about Republican candidate Herman Cain (The Lynching of Herman Cain):

I would like to ask Mr. Bennett: Where is the noose around Joe Paterno's (Penn State) neck for allowing a sexual predator to run free while he for many years did nothing to stop it.

Mr. Bennett shouldn't be afraid of Herman Cain because he is a black conservative who is a threat to liberal America.

As I draw my picture of Mr. Bennett, I see him being the small-minded bigot that he is, and I thank god for white Americans who don't have his point of view in mind.

My advice to Mr. Bennett is to let it go, and to get with the program, for this is the year 2011.


Editor's Note: Bennett's cartoon on Penn State was published Nov. 13.

Penn State cartoon in poor taste

The Nov. 13 cartoon by Clay Bennett was really in poor taste. The depiction of Coach Paterno was a cheap shot. Kicking a man when he is down and can't defend himself is what cowards do best.

If I owned the Times Free Press, both Bennett and the editor of the Perspective section would be unemployed as of today.


Manchester, Tenn

Editor's Note: Bennett's Sunday cartoon, Penn State/State Pen, clearly labeled the Penn State character as Jerry Sandusky, the former coach accused of sexual assaults of children that Penn State officials failed to report to police.

Teachers superior and hard-working

I spent roughly 14 hours of last weekend preparing lessons, grading papers and preparing student-centered learning opportunities for the upcoming week.

I am not the exception to the rule. The other educators in our Hamilton County schools do the same thing.

I only mention this because as I did finally sit down to take time to relax, I happened to read the offensive rant about educators being "mediocre and lazy."

There may be a large number of education majors, however, according to Education Review, only 45 percent of first-year teachers return for a second year. Wonder why?

I have been an educator for 18 years and been in four different schools. I have been a teacher and an assistant principal. The number of mediocre or lazy teachers I have met can be counted on one hand.

Thank you, teachers, for being superior and hard-working in your field. I am honored to work among you!