'Ignore will of God and miss heaven' and more letters to the editors

'Ignore will of God and miss heaven' and more letters to the editors

November 22nd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Ignore will of God and miss heaven

A recent writer to the editors wrote about the division in America and how angry and hateful we are, and asked the question, "How can most of them call themselves Christians?"

That's just the problem. Calling ourselves Christians isn't enough.

The Scriptures are our handbook for living the faith. Many Christians say we can't earn our way to heaven, so they say and do anything they please, whoop it up at church on Sunday, and then condemn others who don't agree with their notion of swipe card-to-heaven salvation.

No, we can't earn our way to heaven, but we can sure block our own way of getting there by ignoring the will of God and following our own.


Decatur, Tenn.

Movie's co-star a Chattanooga native

Recently my husband and I were privileged to attend the movie "Courageous," currently showing in neighborhood and other theaters in the United States. It is a wonderful film of family values, principles by which to live, relationships and importance of strong faith.

The female co-star of "Courageous" is Renee Wade Jewell, a Chattanooga native living in Albany, Ga., where she and her husband are on staff of Sherwood Baptist, the producing church of this film along with "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof." She also teaches vocal music in nearby colleges.

Renee, a former vocal student of mine through her graduation from Ooltewah, proceeded to receive her vocal performance degree from Samford University, then returned to Chattanooga to complete her master's in vocal performance from UTC. She is a most talented young woman in many areas of the arts, having performed on stages in the Southeast, and locally including the Chattanooga Theater Centre.

We are proud of Renee and her accomplishments in music, drama, teaching, acting, ministering, and the mother of three. Her influence and testimony given through this film are to be commended.

The effects of "Courageous" continue to be widespread and of great encouragement.