Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

November 30th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Proposed postal changes on agenda

On Sept. 15, the Postal Service notified employees and other stakeholders that they were beginning an Area Mail Processing feasibility study at the Chattanooga Processing and Distribution Center regarding possible consolidation of operations into the North Metro (Duluth, Ga.)

There will be a public meeting tonight to explain the proposed changes and to further explain the AMP study results and what operational changes the Postal Service may propose.

The "Town Hall Meeting" to discuss the results of the AMP study will be held today (Nov. 30) from 7-9 p.m. at the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Science, 865 E. Third St., Chattanooga.

The public can submit written comments on the study up to 15 days after the public meeting. These comments should be mailed to: Manager of Consumer and Industry Contact, Tennessee District, 525 Royal Parkway, Nashville, TN 37229-9603.

Should this study include the closing of the Chattanooga Processing and Distribution Center, all mailers will see a negative impact on the service that you now currently enjoy. It is important to the local economy that we keep this facility open to service all citizens and businesses located in the 307, 373, 374 service area.

JOE L. SCRUGGS, Secretary, APWU Area Local 192

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Move Bennett cartoons inside

In a search for balanced opinion, I subscribe to liberal and conservative magazines. I listen to liberal and conservative commentators. I find the Fox hard news people to be as informative and balanced as those who read the news on any network.

I object to the place Clay Bennett occupies in the Sunday Perspective. His role should be on the left side of your opinion pages and not on page one on Sunday. In other page one discussions, Times Free Press presents both sides. While I find this commendable, I surmise that the Bennett comments, "Current Events for Dummies" and similar slander on days like today, (Nov. 27), insult at least half of your readers. Place him where he should be. In my view, that is on opinion page four along with other liberal commentators and editorial cartoonists.

DONALD AULTMAN, Cleveland, Tenn.

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Penn State editorial insightful

Your Nov. 25 editorial concerning Penn State's child abuse scandal was an insightful and thorough discussion of the problem and its correction.

The university must change its institutional culture to regain its honor.

WILLARD D. WATSON, Jasper, Tenn.