Fine people with inappropriate dress

Fine people with inappropriate dress


October 1st, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Fine people with inappropriate dress

We need to pass a law to stop these sagging pants, people walking around showing underwear, women walking around showing their nakedness.

If the state needs money, they sure can get some by putting a fine on everyone wearing sagging pants.


Parents are key in preparing kids

We are witnessing a great unrest in communities throughout our nation concerning the dismal failure of our public school system. Parents involved in these protests invariably demand their rights for good schools.

Citizens' rights are sacred -- but they come with a price. In order for our rights to be secured, we must be responsible. In everything we say, do and think, personal responsibility is a prerequisite to any legitimate right we may have or expect to have.

The causes of failure in our public schools are many and complex. However, if every cause of failure could be eliminated except one -- this being a majority of students committed to academic success -- our schools would still be a dismal failure. Parents are a key to this problem. Parents who neglect their responsibilities in providing the school with a child ready to behave and learn have no right to demand good schools


It's time to fight creeping socialism

I once thought that both political parties wanted what was best for America. Therefore, as an independent, I voted for candidates I thought would be best for the positions they were running for.

This seemed logical to me at the time. I now know that this was wrong on a number of different levels.

First and foremost? This is not your grandfather's Democratic Party. Today's Democratic Party is laced with leftists, and far left liberals.

As more and more of us become reliant on government aid, one might argue that what we have are the conditions ripe for a shift to socialism.

This also may explain why the president doesn't really want to solve our economic dilemma as this furthers that cause.

Couple this with representatives who are easily coerced into following the party line and what we have is the perfect storm.

We need to fight this creeping socialism. Make sure you know what your party stands for and what policies they intend to impose on you before you vote.