'Where's the news about protesters?' and more letters to editors

'Where's the news about protesters?' and more letters to editors

October 4th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Where's the news about protesters?

Why have we not seen any coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York by the Times Free Press?

On Oct. 1, over 700 people were arrested during a nonviolent march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Sounds like news to me.


Watch what you get to detect gas

October is Fire Prevention Month.

Companies supplying natural gas usually add a chemical that smells like rotten eggs. This is to alert the person or persons to a gas leak. However, if they have lost the sense of smell, this would not help. When this happens, a natural gas detector must be purchased.

Some people have been told that a First Alert CO (carbon monoxide) information sheet which is supplied with their product plainly states that it only alerts to CO (carbon monoxide) and to no other gas, smoke or fire.


Too many deer create nuisance

Everyone needs to get over their "Bambi fixation" and realize that the overpopulation of deer is a nuisance.

Yes, they are beautiful animals. But rather than picture a fawn, why not picture four or five deer eating hostas, ornamentals, fruit trees and other yard plants?

Folks can't give up the park for four days so that the deer can be culled?

Good grief. Not that hunters with bows and arrows will cull that many to begin with!

Have the same complainers advocated against further residential and commercial development as man continues to take away more wildlife habitat?

And lastly, venison chili tastes real good!


Sewanee, Tenn.

How did warming occur previously?

The Times Free Press (Sept. 30) story, "Ice shelves shrink in Canadian Arctic," stated: "The loss (of ice) is important as a marker of global warming, returning the Canadian Arctic to conditions that date back thousands of years, scientists say."

I wonder who caused the melting back then?


Signal Mountain