Letters to Editors

Letters to Editors

October 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Prostate cancer test still useful

Recently, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force stated that PSA testing done on an annual basis can be harmful for men. In fact, they go so far as to recommend that men should no longer receive the screening, regardless of age.

The Tennessee Men's Health Network, an affiliate of the national Men's Health Network, believes otherwise. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates 241,000 new cases of prostate cancer. Among those new cases, 34,000 men will lose their battle with the disease.

Although PSA testing may be imperfect, this simple blood test along with a physical exam is the best way to detect prostate cancer in its early stages where chances of survival are nearly 100 percent.

Men who are particularly at high risk for prostate cancer (African-American men and men with a family history of the disease) should begin routine screening starting at age 40.

Today, there are around 2 million husbands, fathers and grandfathers who have survived prostate cancer.

Men's Health Network encourages all men to schedule a physical each year and engage in annual prostate cancer screenings.



Executive Director


Men's Health Network


'Occupy' action is anti-capitalist

I read recently in the Times Free Press an article about organizers for an "Occupy Chattanooga" event. This is supposed to be similar to the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests in New York City recently. This is not a "grassroots" movement as the Obama supported media would have us all think.

It was started by an anti-capitalistic group called "Adbusters." Adbusters preys on "college" students with an anarchy-based message. And the mantel for these so-called "protests" has been picked up by Van Jones, the disgraced former Obama "energy adviser" who is now running a program at MoveOn.org. MoveOn.org is supported by George Soros, the money man behind Obama's socialist agenda.

I suspect since Obama's popularity is falling and his policies failing, his minions have to divert attention away from this train wreck of a president.



New businesses can help buddies

It was in my head to complain about our honorable Mayor Littlefield creating the $98,462 general service director position for his buddy Paul Page, a position also providing a $11,549 annual pension for Mr. Page's six years city service.

But then who am I to complain about a buddy taking care of a buddy. Ain't that what good buddies are for?

No, I am concerned about opposition to a tax-paying business in the sprawl of Hamilton Place. Gunbarrel Road is like a dog with fleas. What's one more flea on his back.

Come on, Councilman Jack Benson, we taxpayers need some help. We don't know how many buddies the mayor has.



No need to destroy in order to build

Remember Cameron Hill?

A natural, tree-covered beauty on downtown Chattanooga's western border. Then what happened?

The "unnamed powers" that seem to exist and control situations decided to flatten it for fill dirt under Riverfront Parkway and to allow the installation of a bunker-styled apartment complex, now gone, thanks to BlueCross.

Highway 153 between Hixson Pike and Grubb Road has vacant buildings and land for development or redevelopment. There are many apartment complexes from North Shore to Hixson and from Chickamauga Lake through the 153 area. Why do we need more? Movie theaters? They sit vacant on Northgate's western side. Groceries? They too sit vacant along 153!

Get real! Do not destroy nature so radically in order to create concrete and siding monuments to a whim. Consider the long-term.



Take a stand a different way

"Occupy Chattanooga prepares for downtown rally," writes Andrew Pantazi, Saturday, Oct. 8, and I thought, for what, "good jobs, living wages, and public education"?

Occupy Wall Street first started in the middle of September, and I still haven't figured out what the members are trying to accomplish or who they're talking to. I don't think they even know. I hear terms like "social justice" and "corporate personhood," but I'm given no examples or explanations.

So you rally for good jobs. Have you tried looking for them? How many resumés have you distributed to the companies around you?

So you rally for living wages. Everyone has to work to make a living. I don't think that sitting in the street and complaining about it is going to help. Take a stand a different way. Show people how smart you are by helping each other out. Come up with possible solutions.

So you rally for public education; have you ever attended a school board meeting?

I think that if people instead spent all this time and energy doing something more focused and productive, they would get their points across better and might actually accomplish something.


Signal Mountain

Benson explains the real issues

City Councilman Jack Benson's commentary in the Sunday paper (Perspective section, Oct. 9) explained the real issues concerning building an IHOP in East Brainerd. His article gave the facts.

Marla Chaliff's article was more of a personal attack on Benson. Benson does his homework and is one of the hardest-working and fair local elected officials.

Chaliff would like us to forget that big business and the real estate industry were one of the major causes of our recession. They are after money and like to change the rules. The public good is not their main goal.

Let us not forget that IHOP's best judgment built their Brainerd restaurant on the wrong side of the street on too small a lot with poor access to the flow of traffic.


Do something to control deer

Anyone who lives in the subdivisions around Harrison Bay does not doubt that there is an overpopulation of deer at Enterprise South property.

We have seen as many as 10 deer in our backyard and have seen several killed along Highway 58 during the past year. I hold my breath whenever I drive along Hickory Valley Road at dusk, or on Ramsey Road to my home.

No one likes to see these beautiful creatures killed, but something has to be done.



We all have right to opinion

Herman Cain says the Wall Street protesters are "jealous" and "play the victim card."

Mitt Romney says they engage in "class warfare."

Both are wrong and miss the fact that the protesters actually are creating jobs.

Since the protests began, the manufacturing of "pitchforks and torches" is up 100 percent.

Get off their backs. In the great U.S.A. we all have the right to our opinions.


Red Bank

Nature Center is now in charge

I have read with great interest the letters to the editors concerning the merger of Reflection Riding Arboretum and the Chattanooga Nature Center, which is now called Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center, or CA&NC.

The name Reflection Riding should never have been deleted.

Quoting naturalist Robert Sparks Walker, "It has been said that women spend days studying flower arrangements but none has ever become expert in copying perfectly the foliage arrangement which nature gives to the vast area fittingly called "Reflection Riding."

More important than the name, it appears the Nature Center has taken over Reflection Riding.

From 1956-2011, Reflection Riding was governed by a community-based rotating board of directors. This board no longer exists.

CA&NC is now governed by an executive board of 10 members. The former president of the Nature Center is now the president of CA&NC. The former director of the Nature Center is now the executive director of CA&NC.

The tail seems to be now wagging the dog!


Dalton, Ga.