'We must value our public lands' and more letters to the editors

'We must value our public lands' and more letters to the editors

September 6th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

We must value our public lands

An outdoor enthusiast and mother of an active 12-year-old, we spend a great deal of time in Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest and in parks in neighboring states. While hiking, camping and learning to value our public lands first-hand, we also spend money in these local economies.

Federal investment in public lands supports 6.5 million U.S. jobs; 67,000 of those jobs are here in Tennessee. Outdoor recreation has the potential to easily create up to 200,000 more U.S. jobs with continued investment; jobs that cannot be exported because they are based in tourism and natural resources. A strong argument for continuing conservation spending.

True, our nation's fiscal health is sick, but drastic cuts to conservation spending will hurt our economy while jeopardizing the health and longevity of our park lands and outdoor recreation areas. How nearsighted and irresponsible Congress is if it looses sight of what keeps "America, the Beautiful."

Chattanoogans know that conservation spending works. This city is re-creating and protecting park lands, bringing new investments into a community that values outdoor recreation as an asset. Tell your congressperson to focus on the health of the economy by protecting what works, conservation.


Accident witness asked to respond

I am looking for a woman who was a witness to the accident that I had on Thursday, Aug. 25, at around 4:30 p.m. The accident happened at the intersection of Central Avenue and McCallie Avenue. I need to speak to this woman. I did not get her name and number even though she stayed with me until my husband picked me up. Please email with any information at mandy2188@gmail.com


Lawrence show not offensive

I thought a recent letter was not a fair evaluation of the performance of Vicki Lawrence.

To say she was vulgar and raunchy was harsh. She did use a word from time to time, but it is not a vulgar word, and she did tell some off-colored jokes, but not raunchy.

I am 20 years older than the letter writer. I am what you would consider conservative and my friend who went with me would be 30 years older than the writer and felt the performance was a good one. There may have been a few people leave between acts, but they could have been leaving for different reasons. I did not see anyone leave during the performances. She got a standing ovation.

Everyone sitting near me thoroughly enjoyed the show and laughed at her jokes. No one was shocked or offended.


Cleveland, Tenn.