'Walker County response to storms top notch' and more letters to the editors

'Walker County response to storms top notch' and more letters to the editors

September 13th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Walker response to storms top notch

I suppose better late than never, but it was due to the time for tornado repairs.

I want to commend Walker County's response.

One of my trees had blocked the side road and within an hour they were checking the roads. The road was opened at once.

My power line was downed by a neighbor's tree onto my garage. They cut a path for access to the meter. An inspector checked the property twice and condemned the deck for use.

I also received two calls from the sheriff's office. One just checking the situation and one warning about scammers in the area.

In addition to all this, the debris was cleared in a matter of days. Plus outstanding jobs by church groups and Chamber of Commerce with food and water. "Great job all around."

No wonder I say that I moved back to "God's country."



Name change unnecessary

For many years, we have walked the paths of Reflection Riding with our children. It is a place of serene natural beauty and a place to clear one's mind and restore the soul.

Much to my surprise, "Reflection Riding" doesn't exist any more -- it has been replaced by the name "Chattanooga Arboretum." It is like changing the name of "Busch Gardens." It will always be "Reflection Riding" to our family and all the other folks having had the privilege of enjoying that wonderful place.

There are two other arboretums in Chattanooga -- Bonny Oaks Arboretum and Cherokee Arboretum.

Can you share with us the reason for the name to be changed from something distinct and beautiful to a name that is ordinary?


Dalton, Ga.

Where are the jobs from GOP actions?

Republican candidates continue to say cut taxes and create jobs.

Can they show any job creation in the last several years from the excessive profits of some industries?

Can they show any job creation from the lower taxes paid by the very wealthy?

I doubt that they can.

Considering the wealth of our two senators, it is clearly understandable why they vote to keep their taxes low.


Tullahoma, Tenn.

Obama isn't the boss alone

Now that the candidates are coming forth, it's time again for them to condemn each other instead of really saying what they can do.

So far, I don't see anyone who would be the right one for president. Certainly not Sarah Palin, who doesn't have the education or knowledge of dealing with foreign country leaders. She lacks compassion that's needed to run our country.

The Bush-Cheney administration was the worst. They started a war that never should have been. It used up all our country's money and killed lots of husbands, sons and daughters.

Don't forget Mr. Obama got the mess that was left him. He's trying. Give him credit for that.

Then he was dealt the oil spill and had to wait on other people to make decisions on how to clean it up.

He's not the boss alone. The Congress has a lot to say.

So let's not condemn him. He's done some good for the mess that came with his presidency. Maybe he should be given a chance.

The only women I see that could be president are Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Rice, who both know the foreign countries and the people who run them.



Nation needs new direction

I am writing this letter on Labor Day thanking God for the rain but frustrated about the direction of our country and even more frustrated about the conduct of the president of the United States.

I just listened to the president of the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa Jr., welcome the president at a rally in Detroit. Hoffa was disrespectful and crude to a majority of the United States and the tea party specifically. He called the tea party a bunch of SOBs (and didn't abbreviate). I have been to tea party rallies locally and heard a lot of rallies on TV. Never have I heard language of this nature.

When the president got to the TelePrompTer, he never repudiated such language or action but recognized Hoffa specifically as well other union leaders. For that matter, what about U.S Congresswoman (Maxine) Waters and her cronies directing similar language to the tea party.

Remember, the tea party is the movement that brought the condition of our country to the forefront. May God help the United States of America.


All citizens are valuable

Who are we? I am confused and upset. The tea partiers and Republican presidential hopefuls don't seem to recognize the average American.

Do we not believe our diversity adds strength to our nation? Do we not believe that our neighbor is our responsibility in times of distress? Are we a Christian nation excluding all others? Are teachers the enemy of society? Does the health care debate assume we need to go it alone when we all know that is nonsense?

I believe in the America I grew up in. Ethnic diversity is a strength and requires nurturing. Teachers are key to our future as are our kids. We need to get back to respecting the challenges teachers face. Health care ought to be a right regardless of status. All citizens are valuable assets and should be so treated. Costs are an issue which can be dealt with creatively. We just need the will!

I am a proud American believing we can stand up and say, "We care about our nation and all its people!" We are ready to face the challenges.

The tea partiers and Republican hopefuls seem to retreat from that which make us the envy of the world. I am confused and upset!