'It's time to repair Delashmitt Road' and more Letters to Editors

'It's time to repair Delashmitt Road' and more Letters to Editors

September 20th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

It's time to repair Delashmitt Road

Delashmitt Road is one of the worst roads in town.

About three-fourths of the road is jointly owned by Chattanooga and Red Bank. I have tried to get both cities to patch up the road.

There are big, deep holes in the road, and the entire road needs repaving. Before long, the only people driving on the road will be the people living on the road.

I don't know what the two cities are doing with their road money. Roads in general are bad all over.


'Riding' name more protected

Reflection Riding name remains:

Two recent letters (Betsy Chambliss McLean, Sept. 11 and Irma Jones, Sept. 13) lament the loss of one of our area's most cherished place-names, "Reflection Riding." I regret your despair over the mistaken portrayal of our recent changes. This letter is to clarify and assure the legacy and protection of not only the name, but of the land and the mission that it represents.

In a reorganization of land, resources and administration, the former Reflection Riding Inc. has been renamed Reflection Riding Land Conservation Trust. As the name implies, this non-profit is the steward of the land and its conservation for future generations, in "perpetuity." I share your passion for the place, for the name and for the intangible "spiritual ... healing" and "serene natural beauty" here. The Reflection Riding name has never been lost and is, in fact, now more protected and relevant than ever.

The improvements from the reorganization are already obvious and are mission-directed as they lead us toward greater sustainability. I hope your passion for the place (and the name!) leads you back here with your children, and they with theirs.


Board President

We've already had too much change

Current state of the nation:

Consumer confidence lowest in 31 years, the housing crisis, stock market plunge, high gas prices, unemployment at 9.1 percent, stimulus failure -- another proposed, the deflated dollar, the national debt soaring, new regulations stifling business, new taxes, another recession around the corner, amnesty for illegals, the Solyndra scandal, the crony gate scandal, untruthful White House statements.

Please, Mr. President, no more change.


Support those who choose high ground

I read (Sept. 16) a criticism of the new Track 29 venue for their alleged censoring of a recent performer and for the reprehensible behavior of two middle-age gentlemen, and I use that word with great apprehension.

Finally, we have two young entrepreneurs in our midst who are willing to put their vision and money into the growth and vitality of Chattanooga. Let's give them credit for that which they can control, certainly not for the misbehavior of two supposedly mature adults. Let's applaud them for their willingness to edit an "artist" who chooses vulgarity as a means of entertainment.

Let's support young folks in our community who choose to get involved ... let's be supportive of those who choose the high ground even when it is not popular.


Signal Mountain