Insist on respect and decorum

Insist on respect and decorum


September 30th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Insist on respect and decorum

This is in support of Michael Loftin's letter (Sept. 28). This is my question to the tea party evangelicals: Is it possible to respect the office of the presidency even if you did not vote for Obama?

Further, is it possible to believe in science and still believe in God? The U.S.A. is not my country, and it is not your country; it is our country. We are not just only a "Christian nation," but one of many faiths and cultures. Yours is not the only one. The American Indians, the Vikings and the Spaniards were all here before us. Believe me, I respect the tea party's beliefs, but you must also respect mine. This is real democracy. You must insist on respect and decorum. Otherwise we will have a government by mob rule.


Officer goes beyond duty

I would like to thank Officer T. Seiter for his service, which was far and beyond his duty.

On Sept. 23, I experienced a blowout on my automobile. Officer Seiter arrived and immediately asked if I needed assistance. I explained my roadside service was on the way and my husband also was.

Officer Seiter stayed not only with me and my daughter, but also after my husband arrived and until the roadside service left, and followed us to the entrance to our street.

Officer Seiter is a testament of what a public servant is. Our officers have such a bad reputation, and we never hear about the good things they do. Keep up the good work.


Why is our area rated so low?

It has occurred to me that the poorest states in our country are Republican, and I have tried to reason this out. Perhaps it is the fact that these states have the lowest educational standing and the highest illiteracy rate in the nation.

Maybe it is because it is the unhealthiest part of the country with the most obese citizens, or maybe it is because we are the most religious area of the country where there is the most crime and its citizens are less likely to embrace diversity.

After serving in both World War II and the Korean conflict, and traveling a great deal, I find people outside the area consider us the dumbest.


Chickamauga, Ga.

We don't possess right to take life

I respectfully disagree with a writer's assertion that abortion and genocide are unrelated. The offense of taking innocent human life lies in that it requires that a human occupy the position of the Creator. It matters not whether innocent life is taken on the basis of race, religion, economic gain, personal convenience, or entertainment. Certainly, to the innocent victim, the consequences of murder remain the same, regardless of the motives of the murderer.

Our system of government rests upon the foundation that human beings are created and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain rights. I cannot deny an innocent human fetus, a woman in Darfur, or an elderly Alzheimer's patient the right to life without also nullifying my own claim to a right to hold property, to exercise free speech, to keep and bear arms, etc.

My authority of self-determination came directly from my Creator and when I vote, I loan a portion of that authority to my government. "Governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed." Neither I nor the government may exercise authority we do not possess, and the Creator has not delegated the authority of deciding which innocent humans may live or die.


Articles offer an air of hope

Re: "Dead Sea Scrolls go online": How very interesting and encouraging the article that ran Sept. 27.

The change of pace from "gloom and doom" to hope and promise of peace in the reference quoted "and the wolf shall dwell with the lamb."

I am excited and want to congratulate your paper for presenting this article along with Dr. Nell Mohney's regular article and Clint Cooper's inspiring talents all to give us a fresh "air of hope and encouragement."

Keep up the good work.


Roundabouts are dangerous

I understand the city's construction on Jenkins and Shallowford roads is for a roundabout.

They don't work for heavy traffic. Traffic lights will produce a smoother flow. A study of Standifer Gap and Gunbarrel will prove my point.

The light at Shallowford and Gunbarrel each change releases six vehicles. They hit the roundabout, no slow- down, no stop. You yield and sit awhile. With Shallowford blocked, the number of vehicles is 12.

Can you see this mess at the new one?

Now the county is considering a round-about at Ooltewah-Ringgold roads and Standifer Gap. Light please!

The opening of East Hamilton school has made traffic a nightmare. It's like knocking the top off a fire-ant hill.

You will have log trucks, dump trucks and school buses, etc., trying to navigate them.

Roundabouts are dangerous. Some drivers don't slow down or look, just keep on going.

Call your councilman, tell them no! Ask what the engineers are smoking now days. All will benefit, or buy aspirin.


Don't forget about Tunnel Boulevard

Thanks for the patches of asphalt in the sinkholes and potholes found in the 2100 through 2800 blocks of Tunnel Boulevard. But, it needs you again!

To our commissioner and city engineers: We need a traffic count. Please come to our neighborhood before daylight and see our schoolchildren walking to the bus stops with no sidewalks. There is not even a shoulder in some areas.

Please look at all surrounding streets also; Third Street, East Chattanooga, Shallowford Road and Hickory Valley Road, which all have been paved recently. All lead to VW. Tunnel Boulevard is a highly traveled road. Please don't forget us!


Legal guidelines weren't followed

At a meeting of the Exchange Club several years ago, I said to our guest, Attorney General Bill Cox, that as I had observed in many TV shows and movies with an involvement of crime, it appeared that police and prosecutors were more interested in convicting an accused than in getting at the truth. I then asked him if there was any validity to this perception.

He assured me that there was not and that a suspect's guilt should be clearly established before any sentence was imposed.

Yet, in the case of Troy Davis, as the time for his execution approached, the rationale of various appellate bodies for rejecting the proposals of Davis' defense counsel did not appear in any media references I saw. Absent that, it appears that the guidelines "beyond a reasonable doubt" was not followed.


Go back to roots to be Americans

It's sad to say, but it's just not working now! If "the branches of government" where a tree, I think (most) people would say ... "It's sick and it needs to be pruned back," not replaced with a "tea" bush, just revived by removing the bad.

This is what "The American Tree" looks likes:

Executive - Democrats.

Legislative - House: 242 Republicans and 192 Democrats.

Senate: 41 Republicans and 57 Democrats.

Judicial - 5/4 appointed and not to choose a side. Sure ...Yeah ... Right!

Not part of the tree, but very important: Governors - 29 Republicans and 20 Democrats and one independent.

So for now, forget being a Democrat or Republican, labeled a conservative or liberal. Let's just go back to our roots.

Be a pro-kindness and anti-greed America, for the people, by the people.