Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

April 12th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Things to consider on voting decisions

It's time for a change in Washington. Please consider your decisions when you vote: The candidates' record; were they truthful? What about their promises: did they follow them? When they were running, were they honorable, or did they misrepresent their opponent?

I think of Mike Huckabee and Chuck Fleischmann presenting Robin Smith as a dishonest fool -- they knew campaign money would come in later in the year to cover apparent losses, but they said what they did.

What principles has the candidate stood up for? What has he fallen for (and into). I'm thinking about our failed Congress and politicians falling into line behind blind leaders, and voting with a party line.

With Weston Wamp, I see a young man who has a good head on his shoulders and solid thinking, guided by the best congressman the 3rd District had seen for many years. He stands for something. And since he has offered to debate any candidate opposing him, he won't be dodging issues and running from reporters and his record.


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Government there when others aren't

Regarding an April 4 editorial which read in part: "when our medical needs and demands are not met (through personal medical care insurance) there are efforts to require 'somebody else' -- the government -- to pay..." and "... many of us have a tendency to pass our medical responsibilities off on the government ..."

We might all be satisfied with less government if only we truly looked out for one another. But, due to greed or ignorance, government seems to be the only way to ensure the playing field is leveled somewhat. (Witness the Civil Rights Act).

Do you think we don't already pay for health care? Without a widely available plan, hospitals and other providers have to increase costs to the rest of us for extensive indigent care. So we already pay for haphazard, patched-together care. Why not pay for some affordable care plan instead?

Throughout my career I encountered many poverty-stricken people, most of whom would have been happily fully employed, medically insured had they been dealt the physical health, emotional support and opportunities that many of us take for granted. Anyone, rich or poor, who succeeds, stands on the shoulders of others and bears responsibility to pass the blessing on.


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Where's common sense today?

Republicans and some others have pledged their political futures and their sacred honor to the destruction of ObamaCare. It is probably unconstitutional but certainly unreasonable to require anyone to pay for something he does not want.

Should we not also expunge obligatory Social Security and Medicare? Lender-mandated fire and flood insurance? Motorcycle and bicycle helmets? Car safety inspections in some states? Definitely the law that requires emergency rooms to treat anyone regardless of insurance or assets. Car liability insurance for sure.

If this encroaching tyranny is allowed to continue, broccoli will be next. You can count on it.

Has common sense become obsolete?


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Kinkade legacy is priceless

Re: "World-famous painters ..." editorial, April 10.

"World-famous" must include Thomas Kinkade. Kinkade died on April 6. I went over to my beautiful hanging of "End of a Perfect Day" with sadness of heart -- he was only 54!

But my feelings changed when I turned on the overhead picture light! What a priceless legacy, and what a way to light up the hearts of those whose appreciation is boundless!

MERILYN HALL, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

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Learn creation view from real science

I applaud Tennessee legislators for at least giving a chance for real science (knowledge-truth) to have a chance.

No one alive today was around when the universe was created, but lots of good people have ideas based on the way things are today.

I have believed in a lot of these ideas through my education in Tennessee schools, elementary through college. There are a lot of problems with Darwinian evolution that we know today, and it is taught like it is a fact.

Most of us have not been taught a biblical creation view that explains more truth-knowledge-science. It comes down to do you believe in God's word (sometimes we get that wrong, too) or do you believe in man's word.

I and many will believe in God's word, the Bible; in it lies the foundation for all truth. Colossians 2:2-3.

If you are interested. I suggest you learn more by going to Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, www.creationmuseum.org. You will be presented with a biblical creation view by renowned scientists and educators who believe in God's word. That may solve some of your questions; they did mine!

CARROL WADDLE, Fort Oglethorpe

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Many in GOP decree religious test

Election-year pandering by Republicans threatens America's precious "wall of separation between church and state."

The Constitution mandates that there shall be no religious test for public office. Yet a de facto religious test has been imposed, and even embraced, by many Republican polls, candidates and votes, not to mention the right-wing media.

They are flirting with theocracy.

Freedom has never depended on the ferociously religious in the U.S.A. In fact, it's beginning to feel as though "We the people" need to save freedom from the extreme pronouncements of the faithful and the Roberts Court's auction of the White House.

B.J. PASCHALL, Sevierville, Tenn.