Letters to the Editors: Weston Wamp needs to get some experience

Letters to the Editors: Weston Wamp needs to get some experience

April 13th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Wamp needs to get some experience

I remember when JFK ran for president and gave up his Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Two years later, his brother Teddy decided to run for the "Kennedy" seat in the very first year he was eligible to run.

Now 50 years later, we have our own Teddy Kennedy wannabe in Weston Wamp who is trying to win the Wamp seat his family feels they are entitled to.

Sorry, Weston, we want somebody who has actually accomplished something in his life to represent us in Washington. Go out and get a job and come back in 15 years and then see what happens. Your recent comments about Scottie Mayfield having only "blue blood investor types on Lookout Mountain" shows an amazing lack of maturity on your part. How many of those "blue-bloo," types do you think contributed to your father's campaigns in the past?

If you want to run a campaign of class warfare and wealth envy, then there is plenty of room for you in the Democrat Party.


North Chattanooga

Shameful behavior offers opportunity

The recent fall of another public figure to unethical and immoral behavior (Arkansas football Coach Bobby Petrino, has given me a great idea for a new consulting business. I would call it ALE Unlimited. The initials stand for Alibis, Lies and Excuses.

Politicians, athletes, judges, coaches, husbands or wives can hire me to provide original and believable stories to tell the press, public or spouses. (I didn't include actors and dictators because they get richer and more powerful from their bad behavior.)

If Mr. Petrino had called me before talking about his motorcycle accident, I would have suggested the following statement:

"I crashed my motorcycle to avoid a mother duck and ducklings crossing the road. My young and attractive companion was with me because her fiancé owns a motorcycle and she was simply trying to conquer her fear of riding on the back of a Harley."

For this yarn I would have charged the coach $500,000, which is a fair amount to keep his $1 million-plus job. All profits from my business would be donated to innocent victims hurt by the scandals of self-centered jerks.

Within a few weeks I'm sure I could sell franchises throughout the country.


Whitwell, Tenn.

Cartoon timing is outrageous

During Christianity's most Holy time, the Times Free Press made a conscious decision to publish a Clay Bennett political cartoon inferring that those who believe in creationism are somehow less intelligent than non-believers.

Will you make the same effort to seek out and publish a commentary that implies that Muslims are as equally backward when Mohammed's birthday is celebrated?

The insensitive and callous nature of the editorial board's timing is quite outrageous.


LaFayette, Ga.