Letters to the Editors: Polio began at 39 for Roosevelt

Letters to the Editors: Polio began at 39 for Roosevelt

April 14th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Polio began at 39 for Roosevelt

How much do you pay your editorial writers? Regardless of the amount, it's too much.

"President Franklin D. Roosevelt had been one of the countless polio sufferers when he was a child ..."

FDR was 39 years old when he was crippled by polio. He had already been a state senator in New York, assistant secretary of the Navy, and the Democratic candidate for vice president in 1920.

A remarkable childhood, indeed.


(Editor's Note: "Touche." Thanks.)

Come together, change the world

In my lifetime, I have seen the most remarkable changes of all time. Technology, health care, space exploration ... but education and racism are still in the dark ages.

The Trayvon Martin case is a prime example. Why does it not create an outrage when white-on-white, or black-on-white crimes occur?

Until we do away with the prejudices, we will never be a truly advanced society.

On the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, let's not forget the lessons taught 100 years ago in desperate times. Some of the richest men in the world at that time gave a spot in the lifeboat for women and children of a lot lesser class. High class people 100 years ago weren't as egotistical and self-minded as they now are.

Let's all come together and change the world!



Faith in God sees what is to come

This forum has had much discussion from two opinions, creation and evolution.

It has been said that faith is required to accept either premise. What, then, constitutes faith? Those who believe in creation base their faith on the power of God. Evolutionists base theirs on scientific proof through the study of the elements.

Faith in God is based upon foreknowledge, a knowing of what is to happen before it happens. Jesus said if you kill Him He will be raised in three days. And He was. He said there would be wars, earthquakes, floods. And there have been and still are. Faith in God comes from knowing the fulfillment of these predictions as true.

To those so inclined to look into their test tubes for evidence of our origins, what do you see concerning what is to come? I also have yet to see any evidence of where matter started.


Cleveland, Tenn.

Merchant Marines served since 1775

Has anyone heard of the "Forgotten Service," the United States Merchant Marines?

We have been serving in each war since 1775.

In World War II, we were recruited at 16 because of the tremendous loss of ships, supplies and manpower, sent to basic training, given uniforms and sent off to war.

We were at each and every invasion on both sides of the globe. Our casualty rate was one of the highest. We delivered 97 percent of troops, food, ammunition, bombs, aircraft, gas, oil, all the needs of war.

When the war was over we were left out of the GI Bill. No medical care, college, home loans, job preference. Some of our prisoners of war had to find their own way home.

Forty years passed before our government declared us veterans. (Too late for GI Bill benefits and no help from service organizations or politicians.)

We served in Korea, Vietnam, with no recognition from our government. Thirty-five names of Merchant Marines should be on the Vietnam Wall in Washington, but they are not.

I guess it is not all bad. The government said we can be buried in a military cemetery and have VA medical care. (World War II only).


Signal Mountain

Education lost friend in Chapman

Education lost a dear friend with the death of Mildred C. Chapman. Mrs. Chapman supported and nurtured young teachers as well as those who had taught for many years.

She was always smiling, always kind, always ready to advise in a way that made teachers want to do their best.

Mrs. Chapman was an example of a devoted professional. She helped this young teacher get her feet on the ground and spend 30 years in the classroom.

I will forever be grateful.



Landfill fee policy promotes trash

I just got back from the county landfill. I had an old mattress and a couple of other items of trash.

"Twenty-five dollars," the lady said.

"What," I blurted.

"Twenty-five minimum," she added. "Do you need a receipt?"

I said no, while I was still in shock. In hindsight, I probably should have said, "Yes, please."

Isn't the landfill supported by our taxes? Do we need to charge for its use? If so, so much for so little?

It isn't surprising that we see so much trash on our side roads. Existing "policy" promotes it.

Raise your hand if you want to load a couple of items of trash, haul it to the landfill, and pay a minimum of $25 to dump it.