Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

April 29th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Area needs amusement park

I love this place where I live but I'm tired of going to Lake Winnepesaukah all the time. I can't go to Dollywood, ain't got the money -- so how come this town doesn't have an amusement park? It sure has everything else. The Wheland and U.S. Pipe grounds would be a good place for it. Someone with a good imagination could put rides there for people of all ages to enjoy -- plus shows, miniature golf and a good restaurant.


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'Honor killings' wrong anywhere

On Oct., 20, 2009, Noor al-Maleki was killed by a car driven by her own father.

This case received special attention because it occurred in the United States, but these so-called "honor killings" are occurring daily around the world.

These killings are not bound to a certain religious belief or nationality, but the target of their persecution is.

Over 5,000 women are murdered annually by primarily male relatives to preserve the family honor.

This practice inculcates the idea that women are objects under the control of male relatives. Women are supposedly exhibitions of their family honor and any actions that could be a violation of this result in forms of torture like honor killings.

Violence against women at any level is a form of gender-based discrimination and more importantly a violation of human rights.

The thought that women are subject to such torture on the basis of "honor" in the 21st century is simply horrifying.

In several countries where honor killings are rampant, there is no legislation against it. Although we cannot improve the situation in other countries, we can do our part by petitioning local representatives to reconsider the Violence Against Women Act, so maybe at least in the U.S. such incidents will cease to exist.


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Radio stations did disservice

On March 2, my husband and I were glued to the local Chattanooga TV station. All network programming was pre-empted with minute-by-minute reports on the weatherman's interpretation of the radar images. "A tornado is imminent," he said.

At 12:45, the electricity went out. I raced to the basement to get the battery-operated radio. Much to my dismay, all stations were playing music as if there was no emergency. The only local news I found was from Cleveland, Tenn.

My husband was standing in the driveway watching the dark funnel cloud just to the north as it crossed Snow Hill Road traveling west to east. You could hear the roar. Sirens were whining. His theory was that as long as you could see the tornado passing, we were safe. I wasn't convinced.

We prepared for a night without power -- fresh batteries, a bag of charcoal, other camping gear so we could fix our morning coffee and candles in the bathrooms. The dryer full of wet clothes and the two freezers were subject to the talents of Volunteer Electric. They came through brilliantly.

Why weren't the local radio stations hooked in with the TV networks? Once the power went out, the TV was useless.


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Why can't city hold taxes, too?

I live in Riverview. I just wanted to point out that County Mayor Jim Coppinger and the county commissioners again voted not to raise our taxes. They found other ways to cut spending. If our county mayor and county commissioners can do it, why can't our city mayor and City Council members do it?

Thank you to County Mayor Coppinger and county commissioners for not raising our taxes.


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Mayor forgets how to lead

Re: "Mayoral platform: Turkey legs and tallboy" by David Cook, Chattanooga Times Free Press, April 23.

Way to go, David! Seems Mayor Ron Littlefield has forgotten the four C's of leadership: conceive, coordinate, cooperate, consummate!

Leading by President Obama and the rest of his crew -- "Here is what you want. Here is what you get" will not work under our Constitution and all that empowers the people. Viva the Strut!

JACK HART, LaFayette, Ga.

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City's 'green' roof a waste of money

It is nice to know there is at least one City Council member who is not a Sheeple. The other members are going to spend $341,000 to save $200,000 over a 50-year span on a "green" roof for a city building. Of course that doesn't include replacing dead plants or watering live ones.

There was mention of stormwater tax breaks, but we know the city doesn't pay taxes, taxpayers pay taxes. The whole thing is stupid. There are several "green" roofs in town, all share the same lousy mathematics.

One more example. Making every street in downtown one lane is stupid. State law requires autos give bicycles 3 feet clearance. Rental bikes downtown will effectively make every street downtown one lane. Couple that with lost tourists and impatient motorists and you're going to have a mess. The mayor only thinks liability insurance for the Strut is expensive. Wait till you get your first bike-crash bill.

You can also change the government. You can bring "green" back to mean earning money, rather than spending it foolishly.


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Don't let a few tarnish many

I would like to comment on the brave agents of the Secret Service of this nation. In 1974, Vice President Gerald Ford came to Chattanooga as the principal speaker of National Engineers Week. Vice President Ford became president six months later when President Nixon resigned.

I happened to be head of National Engineers Week at that time. About two weeks before the vice president arrived, three Secret Service agents arrived in the city to access security. They canvassed the entire surroundings of the Chattanooga Choo Choo, the place where the banquet was being held. This included having sniffing dogs.

These agents were the most professional, kind and well-mannered people I have ever been around. They took the time to explain everything they were doing.

The Secret Service has had the reputation of being one of the finest professional agencies of the U.S. government ever since they existed. Please let us not tarnish the reputation of all these fine men and women who have performed gallantly over all these many years by what happened in Colombia by a few ill-mannered people.


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Register's office does a good job

I recently had the privilege of doing business with the Hamilton County register's office and left there extremely pleased with the professional courtesy and service that I received.

Pam Hurst is doing a wonderful job. The principal duty of the county register's office is to record deeds and other instruments required or allowed to be filed by law; as stated in Tennessee Code 66-24-101. Writings eligible for registration include deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, marriage settlements, plats, military discharges, etc. The register is also responsible for collecting and accounting for all fees and taxes due as allowed by law.

As a taxpayer, it is refreshing to know that our tax dollars are being put to good use here in Hamilton County.