'Dad good model for DeGaetano' and more Letters to the Editors

'Dad good model for DeGaetano' and more Letters to the Editors

August 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Dad good model for DeGaetano

I have never met Joe DeGaetano but I will vote for him for Sessions Court judge. I know his dad very well and like father, like son. I think Joe will be the best choice.


Butler will bring vitality to office

Here's an opportunity to elect someone we can trust.

Few people pay much attention to the property assessor race. They should.

The assessor's office plays a key role in what each of us pays in property taxes.

This time around, let's elect someone we can trust: Jelena Butler is one of the most trustworthy people I know.

Let's elect someone who is fair and above backroom politics. Jelena Butler will transform an office lorded over by the "good ole boys club" into a transparent arena for all. "Fairness, not favoritism" -- that is what we citizens of Hamilton County will get when we elect Jelena Butler.

Let's elect an assessor who brings vitality and energetic leadership to the office: Jelena Butler deals with a number of different matters simultaneously with reflection and efficiency and evokes the same from others.

Let's elect an assessor who will not only implement the new but incorporate the existing and stick with the program for the full duration of her term.

I've witnessed Jelena Butler's dynamic leadership in action and offer my full support.

Vote for Jelena Butler as assessor of property.


Choose Hailey for Lookout panel

I have known Joseph Hailey for some 20 years and find him o be an honest, knowledgeable, excellent businessman who knows how to work and get along with people. A vote for him will bring accountability and transparency to the new Lookout Mountain Commission.


Lasley is right for Soddy-Daisy

Join me in supporting my friend, Marty Lasley, for Soddy-Daisy's next city judge. His family has supported and contributed to this great city for many years.

Marty is a man of character, of great knowledge, and of sincere compassion. I have known him since his teenage days, attended college with him and his wife, Kelly, and have watched him mature personally and professionally.

I believe he is the right man for the job in Soddy-Daisy. His heart is in this community. Please consider giving your vote to Marty tomorrow.



Keep Norton as Sessions judge

I had the hpleasure of seeing Judge David Norton grow up as the son of Ralph Norton in Red Bank. We need his legal knowledge and judicial temperament to continue as our General Sessions judge. I urge my friends to vote tomorrow to keep Judge David Norton.


Republican win not a sure thing

Some Republican primary voters in Tennessee's 10th Senate District may still be undecided on Greg Vital and Todd Gardenhire, but the Democratic establishment's choice is clear; they want Gardenhire.

Attempts like the one by Democratic Chair Paul Smith to influence Republican primaries are old hat, but they tell you one thing definitively. They tell you who the other side thinks they can beat.

Democrats know they can't beat Greg Vital, but they think they might have a shot against Todd Gardenhire.

The general consensus surrounding the new 10th District seat is that it's a sure thing for Republicans. I disagree. The district leans Republican, but its 54 percent-46 percent, not 65 percent-35 percent.

The notion that anyone with an R beside their name will win simply isn't borne out by the numbers.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, as the old saying goes, and of Democrats trying to pick Republican nominees.



We don't learn from massacres

Gun massacres are as American as apple pie. An Army post in Texas, a school and movie theater in Colorado, a college in Virginia and a mall in Arizona have become shooting galleries for psychotic gunmen in the past few years. The innocent victims were from every walk of life and every age group, from elderly to very young children.

The pageantry that followed was all too familiar. "Talking heads" appeared on television, grieving the dead, wringing their hands, and asking, "ain't it awful?" Mealy-mouthed NRA quislings appeared on the same program claiming that assault weapons are no more dangerous than kitchen utensils and that psychotic killers could kill just as many with a plastic fork.

In the aftermath, America will again abdicate its responsibility to protect its innocent and most vulnerable citizens from psychotic killers with assault weapons. Politicians, especially Republicans, will slip NRA money in their back pocket and blind themselves to the dead children that litter the streets of America.


Demand action on gun control

Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California says now is not the time to talk about gun control. Just what would anyone need an assault-style weapon for except to gun down many people in the shortest length of time. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood and now Aurora, Colo.

How much more time do they need to address this growing problem? How many more people have to die before they find the right time to address this problem? Enough is enough. Demand action before it's one of your loved ones lost.


Ringgold, Ga.

Don't allow bikes on W Road, 127

Bike riders should not be riding on the W Road or Highway 127. That is my complaint. I understand that they need somewhere to ride, but it needs to be on a street that has a bike lane or at least a less traveled road.

There have been too many occasions already that folks including myself who have to go into the wrong lane to pass these bikes. There have also been times that because of these cyclists being in the way have come close to causing accidents on the W Road and the curves on 127 also.

I think that they should not be allowed to ride on these two roads. I don't think that they realize how they hold up traffic and cause these problems, or maybe they don't care. I just think that they should not be allowed on these two roads. Please find a safer place to ride.


Signal Mountain

Ban guns? And other weapons too?

I read yet another letter stating how this country needs more gun control because of the tragedy at the theater in Colorado. All of the bleeding-heart liberals are once again coming out of the woodwork calling for a ban on handguns, semi -or fully automatic weapons, magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammo, etc.

But I have yet to read anything from all these liberals about the tragic accident involving a pickup truck in Texas on July 22. Thirteen people were killed in this accident; so to ensure nothing like this happens in the future, should we ban all vehicles? I assume the answer is "no" because then it would inconvenience all those liberals.

If you are truly concerned about humans' lives, that's wonderful, but don't pick and choose which soapbox you're going to stand on simply because you are for or against the weapon being used at the time.