'We live in world where evil exists' and more Letters to the Editors

'We live in world where evil exists' and more Letters to the Editors

August 14th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

We live in world where evil exists

David Cook's commentary (Aug. 8) charging the NRA with treason because it represents those of us who wish to be able to defend ourselves is ludicrous.

He accuses the NRA of a "fear-based narrative that sees other people as potential criminals instead of neighbors, citizens or children of God ..." Anyone who would buy into that thinking should stop and ask themselves why police officers carry guns, as well as other weapons. Unfortunately, we live in a real world where evil exists.

I believe his reference to Tennessee Rep. Debra Maggart and the old familiar "guns in bars" line in the same paragraph is telling. There's no mileage left in the "guns in bars" premise, so it's time to criticize the NRA for political choices.

I suspect most NRA members do not feel betrayed by the NRA as Cook suggests. Quite the opposite. It's refreshing to see a politician like Maggart go when unresponsive to the citizens represented!

Treason? The NRA is made up of millions of American citizens. Most of us value representative government. Last time I checked, it wasn't treasonable to lobby a representative or work to remove one from office. But Cook would have readers think so!



Black ready to be a leader

I encourage Catoosa County voters to vote on Aug. 21 for Larry Black for sheriff. I've known and worked with Larry for more than 25 years.

Black was one of the executive board members during my tenure as chairman and co-chair of the Crime Stoppers Board of the Greater Chattanooga Area. Larry was an integral member of that board and earned a well respected voice among the other board members.

Larry is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and as such is included in a strong fraternity of FBI National Academy Associates, as am I. Due to their stringent acceptance policy, this is an honor bestowed to a select few in the law enforcement community. This association has prepared him to be a leader during complex challenges.

Over the last 25 years during my tenure as director of security for three Fortune 500 companies, I've had the occasion to need Larry's assistance. My staff always knew if we needed help in the North Georgia area, Larry Black was our go-to person.

Larry Black's reputation for professional integrity and quality of leadership is well known. Catoosa County deserves the kind of leadership he will provide, and I will be proud to call him my sheriff.


Ringgold, Ga.

Taxpayer funds go to Postal Service

From your article (July 31) from The Associated Press, "Post office nears historic default," it was stated that "The Postal Service, an independent agency of the government, does not receive taxpayer money for operations, but it is subject to congressional control."

Move ahead one paragraph. "While the Senate passed a bill in April that provides an $11 billion cash infusion to help the mail agency avert a default." So, where does the Senate get its money from? Do they have jobs on the side to earn this money?

Oh, I guess it comes from the taxpayers. Now to Times Free Press (Aug. 7) commentary "Congress goes postal" by Gail Collins, from the New York Times News Service, she moans that Congress failed to protect the Postal Service from defaulting on a $5.5 billion payment for future retiree health benefits. Where oh where did the $11 billion go? Just go back to the Senate, they will solve your money problems. They will just dip down in "the taxpayers' pockets" again. Oh yeah, that's right, "The Postal Service" doesn't receive taxpayer money.


Rising Fawn, Ga.

Black possesses leadership ability

I am writing to endorse Larry Black for Catoosa County sheriff on Aug. 21. Beginning his career as a dispatcher, Larry has worked in every imaginable law enforcement setting, including the 1996 Olympics and recruiting and training the first Haitian National Police Force. Along the way, Larry worked his way through college and has a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice.

Larry's background has made him uniquely qualified to become Catoosa County's next sheriff. However, Larry possesses what's even more important: leadership. His plan is to encourage professional growth among the deputies and to encourage a next generation of law enforcement leaders.

I strongly support Larry Black for Catoosa County sheriff.


Fort Oglethorpe

Obama's ads routinely lie

What a despicable fellow this Mitt Romney must be! He is a racist and a felon who killed a woman by giving her cancer (after he had been gone from Bane Capital for six years), sent thousands to die in hospitals, and is even now killing millions of people by poisoning the air and water throughout the world. Thank goodness Barack Obama will save us from him.

Seriously, it's now time to wake up and end these liberal Democrat lies and distorted ads. But sadly, this is the difference between the leaders of both parties: Republicans play by the rules, with certain respectful standards, using only truthful and accurate statements in their ads. And why not? Obama's pathetic record speaks for itself. On the other hand, Democrat strategists have no rules or ethics and routinely employ lies and unlimited distortions to show Obama as anything but the socialistic Marxist that he really is.

We can only hope that the uneducated and uninformed will be outnumbered by those with a true sense of morality on Nov. 6. Otherwise, may God help us all.


Evil on rampage in Muslim world

Muslims throughout the world are in the midst of a monthlong fasting, hoping they will come a little closer to Allah and become more righteous.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims give alms to the less fortunate, read the Quran, offer extra prayers than the five times of day they are allotted.

Fasting is a good religious tradition that the Quran prescribes: "O' ye who believe! There is prescribed for you the fast ... that ye may ward off evil ..."

But the evil is on rampage throughout the Muslim world. Muslims are killing Muslims, they are fleeing their homes, there is a restlessness and no peace.

The dream of the nearness to Allah and becoming more righteous has been dashed in the dust and smoke caused by their own brothers.

Muhammad Iqbal, a poet and philosopher, wrote: "With the passion of religion Muslims have built Mosques in a short time, but their evil hearts have never become adherent to true worship."

Evil is so pervasive in human life that all the fasting, praying, alms giving and all good deeds cannot make human beings righteous.

And I wonder who shall rescue us from evil?



What's really important?

I may have lived too long. The Times Free Press has informed me of the following newsworthy events:

  1. Erlanger hospital's governing board has agreed to pay a headhunter $290,000 to find it a CEO who will work for $629,000 a year. (Aug. 4, front of Section B). Should your hospital bill surprise you?
  2. Over 16,000 people who call Hamilton County home hold licenses to pack heat, i.e., pistol permits. (Aug. 5, Section a, page 7). Less than 12,000 voted in the Gardenhire/Vital Republican primary for the Tennessee Senate. (Aug. 4, Section A front page). Can this be a commentary on what my neighbors regard as relatively important?


Seek protection from violence

In the peaceful, Utopian world of Mr. Cook (column, Aug. 8), it would seem that dangerous predators are rare. So rare, in fact, that he reduces heinous violence to a mere statistic.

The incredible odds of his logic state that acts of violence are more rare than getting struck by lightning. Churches, theaters, parks and even homes are safe havens where personal protection is not needed. I suppose that those victims of unspeakable violence were just unlucky. Where have the most headline- grabbing acts of violence occurred? Churches, theaters, schools and during home invasions.

Gang-related violence, including wild shots fired into a crowd in a public park, should be still fresh in many Chattanooga residents' minds. Those acts are what cause many law-abiding citizens to seek ways to protect themselves. Churches and schools should be safe sanctuaries but we know that it is only a false sense of security at best. Common sense tells us to seek shelter when lightning is present.


Obama works to cooperate

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he had been a U.S. senator not quite four years. His Senate record stands among the most liberal.

Legislation bearing his name was passed for armament reduction and federal transparency and relief aid.

He worked to reform lobbying, campaign financing, election, immigration.

He legislated for climate control, troop reduction, Iran divestment and nuclear terrorism reduction. George Bush vetoed his legislation for state children's health insurance program and military family job protections.

Obama was miraculously elected president, bringing with him the hopes and dreams he had acted on in the Senate. But his election followed entrenched Republican congressional rule from 1994 until 2006 and eight years of Bush/Cheney policies culminating in two wars and world economic disaster.

The aftermath of those policies will continue to affect the country and world for generations. Obama is by nature a patient consensus builder and has worked hard to cooperate with Republicans, receiving nothing in return.

In a second term he will be free to act out of his progressive core. Finally, as president over next term, he could possibly nominate three Supreme Court justices to break up the politicized Republican majority on the court.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Littlefield wrong on gun legislation

Mayor Ron Littlefield is way off base yet again in his Sunday editorial column (Aug. 12, in the Perspective section). With his fellow left-wing, anti-gun Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns and most liberals, he immediately jumps to "more gun laws ... more gun laws!" The liberal solution to all problems is more laws!

Let's see, using Hizhonor's first example: Mathews illegally left his halfway house, his relatives broke federal law by buying guns for him, he broke federal and state law by possessing a gun, the person he traded with was apparently an unlicensed "gun dealer" breaking numerous laws, it was illegal for Mathews to rob a pawn shop, it was illegal for him to kill officer Tim Chapin, it was illegal for him to resist arrest, it was illegal, etc., etc. Hizhonor's solution is to pass a law that would make it illegal to bequeath my firearms to my children or trade a gun with my next-door neighbor ... right.

As for the mass killings, the mayor should lobby for a nut-free-zone law. If Hizhonor had lived in prehistoric times, he would wish to limit the number and size of rocks -- the original assault weapon.