Be more vocal in defending prayer and other letters to the editors

Be more vocal in defending prayer and other letters to the editors

August 25th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Be more vocal in defending prayer

I truly believe that I was born into a Christian nation some 80 years ago, and I thank our Founding Fathers for that fact! Later, on my first tip to Washington, D.C., I found the proof! All the federal buildings and most of the monuments have markings etched in stone, with reference to God in some way. Also, "In God We Trust" is printed on our currency.

We, as children, were taught to respect our flag, to look to the Ten Commandments as a rule and guide for faith and practice, to bow our heads and pray and yes, even in school! To stand at attention when the national anthem was played and to honor our veterans and never be offended by the phrase "One Nation Under God."

Now I am not sure that we are a Christian nation! We allow a small minority to stop our commissioners from praying before their meetings, and that same group is trying to prevent prayer in our local university. They are also attacking the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to prevent them from praying before the game. We, the Church, should be more vocal in our defense of prayer!

GENE O. WAGNER SR., Rossville, Ga.

Have we discarded the Constitution?

A front-page headline on the Times Free Press (Aug. 23) read "Ridgeland team flagged for religious activities." The article contains a list of things that the Freedom From Religion Foundation objects to regarding Ridgeland.

It goes on to outline many of the things that the group has been able to stop in the manner of religious activities in the area. I have one question: Has anyone read the First Amendment to the Constitution?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

I suppose that the courts are immune to the First Amendment since the court "prohibited the free exercise" of religion and "abridging the freedom of speech" and "the right of the people peaceably assemble" in all the list of "victories" that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has gained as outlined in the article.

Have we just thrown out the Constitution? May God protect us.


City doesn't need another hospice

Re: Letter, "Wrong questions are being asked" (Aug. 21).

As so many others on the issue of Hearth Hospice's certificate of need (CON), the writer answered his own question: "Does Chattanooga need another hospice?"

Answer: According to the State of Tennessee's "Guidelines for Orderly Expansion of Health Care in Tennessee" and according to Hearth Hospice's own application, a resounding "No."

Chattanooga does not need another hospice, nor another hospital, nor another home-health program. If so, the state would have approved some long ago, which they have not.

The state approved Hearth Hospice's application because they were swayed/persuaded by the support, not because their CON made a case for another hospice program here.

"More equals better" is not true. More programs without need would simply water down the quality of all providers. Chattanooga has five hospice programs currently -- more hospices than hospitals. How would yet another program improve choices, access, outcome or quality? Chances are it wouldn't.

Chattanooga deserves not all the health care resources we can get, but all the health care choices we need and can financially support to ensure quality outcomes and care.


Change policies to change D.C.

Perhaps if we wish for a change in Washington, we should consider:

A constitutional amendment to balance the budget.

A constitutional amendment placing term limits on members of Congress to three full terms.

A constitutional amendment to repeal the IRS and replace it with the Fair Tax.

Replace Obamacare with a financially secure health-care system.

Freeze all federal payrolls for five years, except the military.

Implement mandatory federal department cuts of: 10 percent the first year; 12 percent cuts the second year; 14 percent the third year and 16 percent the fourth year of the incoming administration.

Review and revamp U.S. foreign aid programs (with the exception to emergency humanitarian aid.)

Review and revamp energies policies, making it illegal to purchase crude and refined oil products not produced in North America.

Outlaw super PACs and install spending limits on candidates for both federal and primary elections.


Ammo buyers will shop around

Now the liberal minds (if there is such a thing) want to limit a purchase of rifle ammo to 500 shots!

Do you remember when a gasoline buyer could only purchase so much at a filling station, so we went elsewhere to fill up?

The state of California made it illegal to buy a .50 caliber rifle from a Tennessee manufacturer, so now individuals can buy as many as they want in .416 caliber.

Voters in Switzerland and voters in Brazil voted to keep their guns. Parliaments of Australia, England and Wales took the guns away.


Are show sponsors aware of abuse?

Who are the sponsors of the National Walking Horse Competition? Why would they sponsor such a show knowing the cruel treatment of horses? And I'm assuming they are aware of such treatment. It's been going on for years. I'm pleased that Pepsi pulled out.

What a shame the people of this town close their eyes for the love of money. Shame on the judge for giving the offenders just a slap on the wrist. I saw the video on TV of the man beating the horse while it tried to stand up. It made me mad. It made me cry.

I pray hard for the people responsible for such cruelty: the owners, trainers, riders and all who condone this. People who buy tickets to these shows are closing their eyes and are pretending that this abuse is not happening. Please don't buy these tickets.

I hope the hot line to report abuse will be in effect soon.

I commend the Times Free Press for good reporting and keeping on top of the situation. The more you report, the more informed we are. When I know who the sponsors are, I won't be buying what they are selling. Are you with me, horse lovers?

GWEN ROSENBERG, Rossville, Ga.

Fix serious error by rejecting Obama

Obama is right with his "you didn't build that" because it applies to him directly, so he should know. I have paid taxes to all of these government entities every year since 1958 and continue to pay them.

Those of you who are taxpayers built and paid for our infrastructure; Obama would have you believe only government pays and builds these construction projects. Many lies have a substantial element of truth; this lie he pronounces is a reflection of his integrity and/or total ignorance. One thing is for sure: Obama did not build our infrastructure; we, the people paying taxes, built our infrastructure.

I care not whether you are liberal, conservative, independent, or whatever, Obama has insulted every working taxpayer for the past 230 years. On Nov. 6 we have an obligation to correct a serious error.