'It's a baby at the beginning' and other letters to the editor

'It's a baby at the beginning' and other letters to the editor

August 29th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

It's a baby at the beginning

"Not A Baby Yet" (pertaining to the T-shirt illustration on page B6, Aug. 25).

If the end result is a baby, it is a baby now!

MARCIA PANOZ, Dayton, Tenn.

Headrick will give support for women

On Aug. 26, Women's Suffrage Day, the amendment became part of the Constitution more than 90 years ago. Tennessee was the last state to support the amendment by one vote from young Henry Burns. (I wonder if women then had to show a picture ID.)

Sadly, years later, we find attacks on women by men, mostly Republican white men, who want to return to a time when abortion was illegal -- but with no exceptions for incest, rape and health of the mother. In addition, they do not support women's health clinics, contraception counseling and access to pills, which would surely result in more unwanted pregnancies and the need for more elementary school classrooms. (Education is not a priority for Republicans.)

In the workplace, Paul Ryan does not support equal pay for women. In his state, the middle class has been attacked, including firemen, policemen and teachers -- but mostly teachers, the majority of whom are women. His call for changes to Medicare would severely affect middle-aged women.

In Tennessee, we have a candidate for Congress who, like Henry Burns, will support women as well as men: Dr. Mary Headrick. And if asked, I think she would show all her tax returns.


Hero's death deserved more

The coverage of the death (and life) of Neil Armstrong was relegated to page 4 of your Sunday paper (Aug. 26). He is one of America's truly great heroes. Would you have treated Columbus, Lindberg and Earhart similarly?


Send Nugent, Romney to Mars

Performer Ted Nugent, who was recently in Chattanooga, wants to send President Barack Obama to Cuba to live. I have a better idea: The next time we send a rocketship to Mars, put both Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney on it. We need to get rid of both of them.

Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are what is wrong with the U.S.A. If we get rid of the Republican Party, it would be a better U.S.A. and a better world.

So all of the people who voted for Obama in 2008 -- please join me in voting for him again. He is the best president we have ever had. Four more years.

CHARLES HUGHES, Rossville, Ga.