Good deed: Officers' conduct is exemplary

Good deed: Officers' conduct is exemplary

December 2nd, 2012 by Joan Hamner in Opinion Letters

We stopped at the Raceway gas station on Rossville Boulevard and encountered an elderly, disoriented and confused gentleman who had driven to the station. After calling 911, two Chattanooga police officers responded and talked calmly to the man. We located his identification card with an emergency contact.

While waiting for his daughter, we learned that Bob is 94; has been in Chattanooga for 20 years; had lived in D.C.; and worked in insurance. Bob was repeatedly apologetic for the "trouble" he was causing. Officers Keith Hunter and Matthew Bond were respectful and reassuring to Bob, even when he said several times that they must think he had drunk a bottle of whiskey!

They waited with us until Bob's relatives arrived and took information for their report. The officers were never accusatory but most kind to a person who had obviously lost his way. Whether by training or by nature, the officers' conduct should be recognized as an asset to the police department and to our community.