Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

February 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

'Conservative' describes America

My wife and I have been retired to Cleveland, Tenn., for five years from Florida.

We get the paper from Chattanooga, and I read with interest your recent editorial on "Conservative America," Jan. 29. I could not help but laugh and agree with you more. And I am a Democrat. Very much a Democrat.

The reason that I am laughing, I just read an article "online" that a national study was done, and I wish I could tell you exactly where to look, on conservative America. They found out that while doing the study and putting out the findings, that a lot of people would be very unhappy. And with good reason.

They found out that conservative America was very prejudiced and very uneducated. So I do agree with your article.


* * * * *

Champions Club an asset for youth

Thanks to the city of Chattanooga and to the ones who have privately funded the Champions Tennis Club.

I greatly appreciate the time and interest that Orlando Lourenco gives to the club, making it possible for our kids to learn, train and excel in this sport.

The Champions Club, through the efforts of the city of Chattanooga and private donors, has accommodated major youth tennis tournaments such as All-County, and even USTA Tournaments that bring many out-of-town families into our city.

It is a great asset to our youth and to the area tourism industry.

I am a grateful grandmother.


* * * * *

Don't use 'socialism' to describe law

Letters on the editorial page are opinion. We know this.

But when the editorial is one written by the paper I would expect some sort of journalistic integrity. In the Jan. 30 editorial entitled "Smaller government?" the writer referred to the health care law as "the ObamaCare socialized medicine law."

While there are good reasons to dislike President Obama's health care law, and to even question its constitutionality, it is not OK to use words which do not describe it.

As a government teacher, I am tired of people using the word "socialism" to refer to this health care law.

Get a dictionary, look up the word, and have just a little bit of integrity before you print things to the masses which are used to scare people, but are lies.


* * * * *

Courthouse mourns the deaths of pair

The courthouse family is saddened at the death of two special friends this week.

We mourn the expected passing of Rees Skillern, and are shocked at the sudden death of Judge Bob Moon.

Their short-lived lives give new meaning to a Scripture recorded in James 4:14. The New Living Translation of the Holy Bible proclaims these sobering words: "How do you know what will happen tomorrow? For your life is like the morning fog -- it's here a little while then it's gone."

This message presents a fresh challenge as we remember two productive men who were called to meet their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Indeed, the grace of a merciful God is good, and some day we will understand His perfect plan.

Our prayers must continue to be with the loved ones left behind by these two wonderful men!

BILL KNOWLES, Hamilton County Clerk

* * * * *

Fund Air Force to meet needs

The United States is at a strategic turning point. The budget policy decision made today will shape fundamental security options decades into the future. We must do our part to achieve a sustainable level of spending.

The Air Force needs to also reduce spending with its counterparts. However, the equal distribution of cuts is wide of the mark and is disconnected with Department of Defense strategic guidelines.

The new strategy forecasts a leaner military and shifts our aims toward threats in Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East and emphasizes the importance of cyber capabilities and partnerships. The United States Air Force stands a key element of the endeavor.

However, the past decade has seen the fighter fleet continue to shrink by normal attrition and planned retirements.

The Air Force has reduced its fighter fleet more than 10 percent or 550 aircraft since 2008 alone. The fleet is old. Despite two decades of underfunding, a leaner, more flexible Air Force must still be capable of executing the new mission and strategy.

I disagree with this equal distribution of cuts now put on air, space and cyberspace capabilities. If you're going to lean more heavily on the U.S. Air Force, fund it accordingly.