Castro has no right to talk about U.S.

Castro has no right to talk about U.S.


February 4th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Castro has no right to talk about U.S.

To Fidel Castro:

I noticed you had something to say about the caliber of the people running for the Republican seat in our presidential race.

You said this from 90 miles away, without fear of being shot or jailed.

I can say the same thing in my country, if I so chose, without the fear of being shot or jailed.

If we elect an idiot in my country we can try again in two to four years. The idiots in your country have been in charge over 50 years. And the only people in your country happy with that record are you and your brother.

Why don't you hold a truly free election in Cuba and see what the people really think of their leaders. Then if you are re-elected you might have the right to talk (about) my country.

Until then ...


Terrible times require leadership

How much longer will the "Black Robe Brigade" stare at the "burning bush" before they step up to lead?

We Christians are in desperate need of leadership and direction during this terrible time for our country.


Some won't fade into obscurity

"I do what I have to do to survive," is repeated refrain heard from some young criminals.

A more accurate statement might be: "I do what I do in order to feel like somebody."

After a while, people get tired of feeling like an extra in someone else's movie. Over time, they feel that they've blended into the background and aren't even people any more.

I've observed that about the third grade, an individual's social position is starting to form and by the eighth grade, it's established. When a person finds themselves in that group of extras, or headed in that direction, there are several courses of action:

Most accept their appointed fate as gracefully as possible.

Occasionally, others vigorously try and resist before eventually complying.

Some who have skills or talents are able to bear down, make themselves stand out and are allowed to become lead actors.

Then, there are those who will refuse to fade into obscurity.

There are just as many people born in low-income neighborhoods who have the natural ability and desire to be leaders as in any other neighborhood. For some, doing serious crime and serious time seems a necessary step in the process of "being somebody someday."


Keystone a reason to reject Obama

Reasons not to vote for Obama.

I will give liberals a reason not to vote for Obama.

The month's reason is the Keystone pipeline. Would we rather have this oil and jobs going to China or to us here in the U.S.A?


Spring City, Tenn.

Young people need redemption

Thankfully Christ's inclusive grace provided healing and restoration for thieves, abused women, greedy tax collectors. Young people gone astray need redemption, not termination.



Super Pacs insult intelligence

I am a longtime subscriber to "the smell test." If it smells bad, I either avoid it or completely disregard it.

I never thought money could or would not pass the smell test, that is, until the Super Pacs came along.

The bad smells, 1) The lack of identification of the backers, 2) the phoniness of the group names, 3) the nastiness and deceptive nature of the ad content they offer, 4) the constant playing of the "message" ads.

I have concluded that Super Pacs are bad for our democracy and are an insult to our intelligence. Think about it!



Tea party gathers in Summerville

If you have had enough of the wrong kind of change in Washington, you are invited to a tea party meeting Saturday, Feb. 25, at 10 a.m. at Pop's Buffet in downtown Summerville, Ga.

This meeting is for any American citizen who wants to see America now get back to being "America the Great" with the Constitution, capitalism and all freedoms of old.

If you are from another state you will be warmly welcomed.

No RSVP necessary; just come and join us.

Meet the candidates at 10 a.m., Pop's Buffett, 706-857-7448. You don't have to be a declared candidate. This is a "Citizens Forum," and interested candidates are welcome.

Sponsored by the Tea Party: "Citizens," question your candidate. "Citizens," this is your time.

Keynote speaker is William Demersseman, pastor, former attorney, and author of "Dissed Trust"/"America's Crisis of Truth, Faith, and Freedom."


Summerville, Ga.

Many contribute to event success

On Jan. 26, the sixth Project Homeless Connect (PHC) event was held at the National Guard Armory. Services were provided to over 500 members of our community who are struggling. These guests connected to services that will support their efforts to improve their living situation.

The event would not have happened without the support of approximately 200 volunteers and 40 organizations. A list of participating organizations can be found at I hope that the community will continue to support these organizations whenever possible.

Many others helped in ways not easily seen, but in ways that were, nonetheless, vital to either the spirit or the operation of the event. A few examples: With Col. Bailey's support, the National Guard Armory staff and facility provided the perfect environment for the event. With Mayor Littlefield's support, critical services and resources were provided by his office, the Chattanooga Police Department, and Parks and Recreation Department. Last but not least, Sarah Poe, a local middle school student, donated several bags of clothing that she collected in her neighborhood.

So on behalf of the PHC planning committee, I express heartfelt thanks to all who made the event a great success.


Chairman, Project Homeless Connect

Make congressmen follow the rules too

Many Americans are still not aware that members of Congress can make personal investment decisions based on confidential information they get in the course of regulating industries.

This legal "insider trading" is yet another insult to the constituencies they represent.

Senate Democrats have voted to move forward on a bill, the "Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act," which would subject any member of Congress who violates the ban on insider trading to investigation and prosecution by regulatory agencies and the Justice Department.

Additionally, it also instructs the House and Senate ethics committees to write rules making violators subject to additional congressional penalties.

I'm sure most people are thinking, "It's kind of unbelievable that this isn't already illegal." Yet predictions are that some House Republicans will do everything they can to avoid moving forward to pass this bill.

I firmly believe elected officials, as public servants, should be subject to the same rules governing other Americans. In fact, they should hold themselves to a higher standard to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest.

I challenge the Republican incumbent and contenders for the 3rd Congressional District to publicly declare their views on this issue and important bill.