Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

February 5th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Wamp needs to get some experience

Seriously? I do not know Weston Wamp personally. I have met his father, Zach, who is a good man who loves his country.

But would any of us even be considering a 24-year-old with no practical experience whatsoever for the 3rd District congressman if it were not for the fact that his father had served in Congress?

Of course, not. I would advise Weston to get involved in local politics, take a stab at a city council post or something of that nature. Then perhaps run for a state position, either as a state representative or senator.

Let him spend some time in Nashville. Get his feet wet at a local or state level. The fact that he has raised 300K in a short time only speaks to his father's influence.

I wish him the best in the future and hope that he succeeds in his pursuits. But he needs to pay his dues and work his way up.

This isn't Kennebunkport or Hyannisport. This is Chattanooga, Tenn.


Islamic world needs a 'new revelation'

It is almost a year since Muslims tried to change the political system without much success. Maybe they need "new revelation" which will guide them through the 21st century.

Is it possible for the American style of democracy to work in an Islamic state? It promotes the idea of individualism, liberalism, constitutionalism, human rights, equality, liberty, the rule of law, free market, and the separation of religion and state. The values and principles of the American democracy are defined and enshrined in the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The fundamental principle of American democracy is the separation of religion and state. In an Islamic state there is no such separation. If Muslims are sincere in espousing the cause of democracy then they must learn the profound reasons underlying the adoption of this separation.

The "new revelation" will teach the Islamic world that it is not the business of the state to interfere with the freedom of the conscience and thought of its citizens. If the Islamic world seeks freedom and peace, it will be best to seek the modern principles of democracy than to convert the world to seventh century life during the time of the Prophet Muhammad.



DMV wait too long, must be changed

I had to obtain a Tennessee driver's license since I moved from another state. I went to the government website first to see the list of documents I needed. I proceeded to the DMV office and stood in line for 1 1/2 hours to find out that I needed my lease notarized by a bank, and needed my passport, since my married name didn't match my birth certificate.

I told the man at the counter that I had visited their website, and he said it hadn't been updated.

Therefore, I went back to the DMV the same day with the necessary paperwork and was turned away, after waiting 45 minutes, because they still had other waiting customers and wouldn't have time to see me before they closed. I wasn't happy.

I went back two days later, and after a total of three hours, finally received my driver's license.

The slow service and lack of available workers for the empty window stalls was ridiculous.

The DMV workers were pleasant but not organized for so many waiting in line.

There should be a more efficient/faster way to check in. I've lived in three other states and this was the longest wait ever!


Senate is key in fall elections

For those true conservatives like myself who are fearful for the country and realize the importance of the next presidential election, and are still undecided on which candidate to support, remember that the most important election next fall is not the presidential election but rather, the U.S. Senate.

Republicans already control the House of Representatives and most likely will retain control next November.

If Republicans can win the Senate, then the choice for the White House becomes less critical.

Whoever the voters choose from the Republican field will not dare overrule legislation that a Republican-controlled Congress passes.

Remember, it is Congress, not the president, that makes policy.

The president simply signs it or vetoes it.

And by some miracle should the Senate gain enough seats, then even if Obama does remain, new legislation may be veto-proof, making Obama a lame-duck president for his entire second term.

The important election next fall is the Senate, not the White House.



Airport welcoming for surprise visit

I Just wanted to send a note thanking the director and employees of your airport for the spectacular response to our "surprise" visit on Jan. 21.

Our plane, loaded with 113 listeners of Springfield, Ill., radio station WYMG-FM, was en route to a cruise out of Miami, when we were grounded in Chattanooga due to bad weather in Atlanta. The situation could have been disastrous. We had hungry and anxious passengers. However, the airport was gracious to send in free pizza and sodas, enough for everyone to get full! It is my understanding that one of the gentlemen wishing us well as we reboarded our flight was your airport director himself. Nice touch.

Thank you so much for this attention to detail. The experience was fantastic and left a favorable impression of the airport and the city!



Springfield, Ill.

Maybe being rich a good qualification

Thank you for the story on the 10 richest presidents in U.S. history (Sunday, Jan. 29). Five of the most successful chief executives -- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt -- are on the list. In addition, John F. Kennedy, who probably would have been one of the best if he had not been assassinated, and Lyndon Johnson, who authored the Great Society and welfare state that many 99 percenters probably would never believe could have come from a 1 percenter such as LBJ, are on the list. Finally, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, made the list. That's eight out of 10 most effective presidents among the 10 richest -- an outstanding percentage in anyone's book.

All of which goes to show that instead of disqualifying Mitt Romney, if anything, the fact that he would be the fourth richest president ever would help qualify him for the Oval Office. As a lifelong Kennedy Democrat once said, "I prefer to vote for the rich for public office because they already have all the money they need and are more difficult to buy off."


McDonald, Tenn.

Right-wing radio, Fox are deceiving

Canada's Radio Act requires that a licenser may not broadcast any false or misleading news. That provision has kept Fox News and right-wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for democracy and freedom.

Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage, foreign affairs, and investigative journalism. Political dialogue in Canada is marked by civility, modesty, honesty, collegiality and idealism. Canadians have a tradition of honest non-partisan news and oppose toxic, biased and overtly partisan propaganda.

Since corporate profit-taking is not an attractive vessel for populism, right-wing political ideology can only dominate debate through dishonest propaganda. Fox News and right-wing talk radio, the sock puppets of billionaire corporate robber barons, have become the masters of deception and total distortion.

By simply buying their puppet politicians, those robber barons are attempting to turn our country into an oligarchy. If they can gain total control, most of the jobs here will become the low-wage, no-benefit types as now are in China (one location of their "created jobs").

One of the main priorities of the "occupiers" is to stop Wall Street money from doing this. You need to aid and support them as much as you possibly can.


Signal Mountain