'Education failure hurts kids, country' and more Letters to the Editors

'Education failure hurts kids, country' and more Letters to the Editors

February 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Education failure hurts kids, country

Our educational system has become a miserable failure, for our kids and our country.

In my youth, we were taught several very important things -- personal responsibility, personal accountability, personal pride, allegiance to the flag and our country and patriotism. None of these basic values are taught with the vim, vigor and vitality of 70 years ago. And our country is suffering for that lack.

Seems our "educators" are teaching no personal accountability -- find someone else to blame it on; no responsibility -- hire somebody to do it (whatever it is), don't admit you did anything no matter if you did something you want to feel proud of.

The education system envisions itself as surrogate parents without the privilege of "capital" punishment for disturbing the class, bullying or whatever other misbehavior might occur. Try to blame it on somebody else.

Computers should be barred from the school curriculum until the child has learned to think -- "see" the problem, set the problem up for solution and solve the problem with pencil and paper. Demonstrate reading comprehension, penmanship before a computer is permitted.


Crossville, Tenn.

Big money corrupts parties

The American Legion's motto is, "For God and Country." The next time you go to vote along your "party" line, think of the above and you may want to choose one or both.

I think all the "parties" have been corrupted by big money and do not care about what affects our country.

It is time for each individual to take responsibility for their vote.

Maybe in this way we may elect some politician who will do what he said he would do, and not turn to personal greed and dictatorial power.

I think that the Supreme Court made a terrible mistake in allowing unlimited spending from the corporate level. If the court would limit spending to one million dollars per state per national candidate, this would level the playing field.

Maybe then we would hear what they would do for the country and not how terrible his opponent is.


Signal Mountain

Smith focused on improvement

I am writing in regard to the complete and total support of our school Superintendent Rick Smith.

Rick Smith is the type of leader who will rise above the political rhetoric as he takes our school system to the next level.

Rick Smith is an experienced leader who is completely focused on improving the school system. Unfortunately, there are those types of people in our society who would "boo" if someone cured cancer.

Rick should have been our superintendent years ago. He will take the school system "true north" if we simply get behind him and support him. It is hard enough to fight the challenges he faces in educational improvement and having to fight those in politics too.

Rick Smith can take our school system to higher heights if we let him do his job. Let's get behind a guy who we are extremely fortunate to have as our school superintendent.


Signal Mountain

District 3 needs Haynes

It is rare that a mother gets the opportunity to vote for her son for public office. I am thankful that I have the chance to vote for my son, Marty Haynes, as county commissioner for District 3 in Hamilton County.

District 3 needs Marty's passion, determination and integrity as the county commissioner.

Marty is dependable, dedicated and deeply devoted to our community. He works tirelessly, never backing away or giving up on a project. He is a man of courage, dignity and of solid character. He is honest, truthful and a man of his word.

Marty has been a very active member of the community. He is very active at his church, Stuart Heights Baptist, and active in our schools and civic groups.

Marty does not owe his political career to anyone. He is his own man.

I believe Marty Haynes is the best candidate to represent District 3.



Let private firms clean city drains

We pay fees for stormwater services but you can't get any service from these people.

There is a blockage in the utility drain on Cloverdale Drive, near Hixson Pike. The stormwater officials will only give you reasons why they can't fix it.

Several of the local plumbing companies have small cameras they can use to find the blockage and remove the problem.

The drains have worked perfectly for 30 years that I know of, and only recently became blocked.

Maybe we should do away with stormwater services and turn problems over to private companies so they could be fixed.



State's Hall levy is an income tax

Surely thousands of elderly, retired folks grow tired and angry when we are constantly bombarded with the biggest lie ever told -- that Tennessee has no state income tax!

Of course, you do! Where do diligent working people put their "savings" as they prepare for 40 years to retire? We put it in interest-bearing savings accounts or in dividend-paying mutual funds that reinvest our dividends so we can later in retirement enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Then every year we are robbed of 6 percent of everything our investments have earned to pay our Tennessee Hall Income Tax! Shame!

Tennessee also has the highest sales taxes of the 50 states.

We retired here 24 years ago from a state that has a sales tax of half of Tennessee's tax. We also had a large homeowners tax exemption. The difference in these three items -- income tax, huge sales tax, and no homeowners tax exemption -- costs us thousands of dollars every year!

Would the governor and our legislators please stop their criminal discrimination against us!