Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

January 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

News outlets need positive stories

I would wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Maddin Corey's letter on Monday (Dec. 26). It is very disturbing to me that the Times Free Press subjects us, the readers, to as much negative press as it does.

Of course, if you think about it, the news media (all of our local news channels) do the same. Their news stories contain more negative reports of violence than any other.

Is there not something happening in our city of a positive nature -- you sure wouldn't know it from the ink and time that is spent spewing the negative aspects of the world around us.

Let's look at the bright side and give a little praise for the good things that are happening.


Voter ID laws not patriotic

Earlier this month, the County Commission voted down a resolution to ask the state Legislature to repeal or amend Tennessee's voter ID law.

As I was leaving the meeting, I offered Commissioner Fred Skillern some information on the law. He dismissively declined and stated it would be simpler if we went back to a time that only white males were allowed to vote. (See Times-Free Press, Dec. 12)

Fortunately for America, that's not going to happen.

Recently, the Justice Department blocked South Carolina's voter ID law.

True patriots of all political stripes realize the way to win elections is by having better ideas and better candidates, and that an attempt to deny a fellow citizen his or her right to vote is the polar opposite of "patriotic."

In fact, it's about as unpatriotic as it gets.

In light of these recent developments, I hope our commissioners will educate themselves on the issue and reconsider the resolution.



Picture on bus obscene, offensive

Why am I being forced to view on the back of a CARTA bus stopped at a light in front of me on Brainerd Road a large picture of two half-naked men (one with pubic hair exposed) holding hands and proclaiming, "We care enough about each other to get checked"?

I can just hear it now: "Mommy, why are those naked men holding hands, and what are they going to be checked for?" Utterly obscene, absurd and offensive.


GOP destroying democracy

When did the GOP become so hateful, mean and absolutely cruel -- let people freeze, starve, and die -- just to keep supplying the U.S.A.'s wealth to their big bucks contributors?

Trickle down works for them, much to our detriment! But the spiteful hatred really started after Limbaugh and Fox fake news began their full-blown propaganda of made-up fears, smears, hatred and lies!

Then it just exploded with the tea bag gang!

If you are so naive as to believe that their hatred will never touch you and yours, I will give you just two names -- Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph!

GOP voters consist of either various hate groups, or else those believing the pretentious hypocrites waving Bibles in your face and claiming moral superiority. They continue voting against their own good as well as the good of us all!

Republicans do not respect nor do they adhere to the Constitution. They display it just to pat themselves on the back!

The "voter fraud" hype is just another made-up, non-existent scare.

However, make sure you help everyone get a photo ID, and then make sure all of you vote. Democracy is being destroyed by the GOP!


Signal Mountain

Substance abuse trend alarming

With shock and dismay, I read the Times Free Press story (Dec. 27) discussing a newly discovered trend of children "crushing certain types of candy and then snorting or inhaling it" called "smoking Smarties."

The article also stated some children do it "to mimic the act of smoking a cigarette," and though it did not state what the children mimic by "snorting" it. I suspect it's an act of something they've seen someone do.

In the same edition, another article discussed drug companies working to develop a "pure, more powerful version of the nation's second most abused medicine" and the concern experts have for a "new wave of abuse."

Sadly, now that legal substance abuse has filtered down to childhood, it will lead to a more experienced and better prepared teen, then adult legal substance abuser, and when one considers legal substance abuse can go hand in hand with illegal substance abuse, rest assured this new trend is the start of a new wave of misery ahead for many, many people in one way or another.



Coach's action what it's all about

Your article (front page of Sports) in regard to Dontay Hampton and the award of a scholarship by Coach Shulman did my heart good Christmas morning.

In my humble opinion, this is exactly what college athletics should be all about. Life's lessons and "earning" your keep.

The sad part is I am afraid when Coach Shulman's superiors evaluate his performance, it'll be all about the W's. Amazing, we've let life get so out of perspective.

Thanks, Coach Shulman, for the difference you make and continue to make in young men's lives. That's really what it's all about.


Ooltewah stations unfair to drivers

For the last few months, gas stations in Ooltewah have raised their prices per gallon 15 cents, then they drop it a penny at a time. When they get to a reasonable price, they jack it up 15 cents again.

Why are they doing this to the people of Ooltewah? They do this every week. I know gas prices don't change that fast every week. This is just a way to stick it to people trying to make a living.

Ooltewah is a growing area, and to be treated like this by the gas stations is a slap in the face. I think we should buy our gas elsewhere for a week or two and see what they think of that.



Power of one can be multiplied

A new year is coming. It's a good time to remind each consumer that they have power to change our economy. A news channel special said if each person spent roughly $64 of their monthly purchases on U.S. goods, times the multitudes of Americans, then 200,000 people would obtain jobs.

Sometimes we feel insignificant against politics and all those who hold great power, but we as individuals hold the power of one. And if each one of us, monthly or as often as possible, buys a product "made in America" and/or products made by local businesses, then the power of one becomes the power to over 171,000 in Chattanooga.

In the collective whole of the U.S. it becomes the power of over 300 million Americans.

We can make a difference by choosing American products and services over China or other foreign lands.

A new year is coming. Let's each make a choice to help our community-based businesses and to help our country's economy.