Bible availability led to reforms

Bible availability led to reforms


January 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Bible availability led to reforms

Gwynne Dyer describes himself as an historian. One would expect his opinion to be informed by history rather than his own mere pretext. (Commentary, Dec. 25).

He confronts the British prime minister for declaring England a Christian nation. I'm with him there. Evidence is lacking among the populace. Where Dyer loses me is when he implies that publishing the King James Bible unleashed an age of witch hunts and violence.

On the contrary, making the Bible more accessible brought great reform to institutions of church and state which had long since been wielding religion for its own uses. Knowledge is power, so putting the Scriptures into the hands of common man eventually led to great accountability and reform. It did not happen overnight, but this very basic history.

The Bible as an authority over our human agenda is a good thing. Across cultures, even today, Scripture inspires people to celebrate and explore, to think and to create. Dyer's column provides a clear illustration of an old truth: text without context is pretext.


Associate Pastor

Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church

It's times to stop atrocious behavior

It's heartbreaking to read about the atrocious behavior that's engulfing our city.

The minds of our wayward young and corrupt older people are so muddled and meshed with disdain that it nearly invalidates the struggles and bloodshed that our fore-parents experienced for our sakes.

Women have taken to the streets and fight like dogs.

What makes a mother allow her boyfriend to beat her child to death while she apparently does nothing? And what about our sons and brothers and daddies and uncles who are too lazy to comb their hair, pull up their pants and wash yesterday's crud from their faces?

Folks like to blame the economy -- joblessness. But I ask, what does the economy have to do with morals and respect?

People are stealing and killing because they are lascivious and covetous. It's high time for somebody to say, "no more"!

How much more blood will stain our streets? How many more families will be ripped apart? How many more hearts will be broken before this stops?


Senators' vote denies rights

Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Bob Corker, give an account of why you voted to strip the citizens in your district of their constitutional rights by allowing the military to enter our homes illegally, kidnap them and hold them indefinitely without charges, legal representation, or any due process of law whatsoever.

Sen. Alexander, Sen. Corker, you have by your vote violated your oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and should be removed from your office immediately.