Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

January 7th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Congress takes funds, gives IOUs

Re: a letter, "Obama derelict in his duty" (Dec. 29):

The story was about the fact Social Security taxes are going to pay for IOUs put into Social Security benefit safe to replace Social Security cash excesses that President Franklin D. Roosevelt said was not to be used but for retired seniors, and Congress is constantly stealing the money replacing with IOUs.

This should not be repaid by Social Security funds, but Congress has taken the money from Social Security funds to use for entitlements that they think are justified in their greedy little minds.

Never mind what the law says ( i.e., Roosevelt) on the use of the funds.

Congressman Scott DesJarlais (Republican, of Tennessee's 4th Congressional District) sends form letters in answers to letters about matters as this. I realize that Congress has a very tough job to do.


Jasper, Tenn.

Travel to get ID causes problems

A spokesperson for our county Election Commission told me, a resident of Dayton, that I must go to Rockwood in Roane County, the nearest THP service center, to obtain my voter ID. For me that is a journey of 40 miles, 80 miles round trip, mind you.

I am elderly, infirm and no longer drive. That is hardly the "slight inconvenience" you termed it in your recent editorial comment (Dec. 31). This is not even to mention the interminably long waiting line if I get there.

The only option I have is to vote absentee ballot, which imposes restrictions of its own not required of other voters. And, if I can vote "absentee" without photo ID, why is it necessary for voting in person?

Federal courts have already overturned photo ID in South Carolina on constitutional grounds. Similar action needs to be taken in Tennessee.



Dayton, Tenn.

Donate to alleviate shortage of blood

On its 11 p.m. news telecast last week, WRCB-TV reported that Blood Assurance issued an appeal for donors of all blood types. It appears to me that a severe shortage of donated blood product has existed in the Chattanooga area.

So I urge individuals and groups of concerned readers to donate as soon as possible.

Sometime in January, I will learn if I will be allowed to donate again after being denied since May 31. If so, I will be able to build upon my lifetime amount of 48 gallons.

I also suggest being an upstairs volunteer at Blood Assurance. That work will help convince others to share life.


Corey devoted life to care of children

I am certain that many people read, with sadness, the recent passing of Dr. Hicks Corey. He and his partners cared for so many of our community's children.

In 1992, I moved to Chattanooga to be the administrator of Children's Hospital. Dr. Corey was a leader of our medical staff, and he took the time to educate me about the wonderful history of Children's Hospital from its Glenwood beginning to moving to the current location on the Erlanger campus.

Not only did he talk to me about Children's rich history but he spent countless hours talking about Chattanooga and his love for this city. Needless to say, he was as passionate about our community as he was compassionate toward his patients.

I will always relish the time I was honored to spend with Dr. Corey. He was a very humble man with a huge heart. He reminded me a lot of another hero of mine, my father, who also was a physician of the "greatest generation."

My deepest sympathies are with the Corey family for the loss of this great man. He devoted his life to caring for many, many children and, of course, their concerned parents. We are all the richer for having known him.


Obama fulfills list of accomplishments

In my opinion, Obama came into office with a large list of items he wished to accomplish, and I think he is on track.

Raise our dependence on Middle East oil, not decrease it. (Say no to Canadian oil.)

Alienate our strongest Middle East ally, Israel (demand they negotiate).

Antagonize our worst Middle East enemy, Iran.

Force us closer to the brink of financial ruin ($15 trillion debt and climbing).

Promote class warfare (OWS-Occupy Wall Street.)

Promote racial warfare (Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute voting rights offenders-Black Panthers).

Set himself above Congress so he can rule.

Raise electrical prices and shutter producing plants in Missouri and TVA (new EPA rules to force many plants off-line).

Destroy the integrity of the Supreme Court (appoint less than qualified justices -- one of whom has "dared Congress to impeach her.")

I am sure the list can be expanded but it's enough to pray for no more years.


Crossville, Tenn.

Put focus on things that truly matter

On the front page of the Times Free Press (Jan. 1), the top story is "A look at the People, Issues, and Decisions that will shape Chattanooga in 2012."

Surprisingly, the photo directly under the headline is the coach from UTK football. There are many people and activities that will truly shape Chattanooga in the next year, but he certainly isn't one of them.

With the changes and challenges facing our city, it is almost laughable, that three of the 12 people listed are in sports.

Perhaps if we focused more on things that truly matter to our community, we would not be in the shape we are in right now.

The educational system is what will change Chattanooga for the better or worse in the future. Yet it was not listed. Instead you offer three athletes and Lauren Alaina.

Ironically, the headline to the other story on the same page is "We would do anything to be relevant." Perhaps the Times Free Press needs to look at its relevancy.



Liberal talk needs substantiation

I am frequently amused by liberal rhetoric, as it rarely contains substance.

They spew unsupported statements such as the following: "The GOP is hateful, mean, and cruel; let people freeze, starve and die."

They regurgitate statements like, "Fox News propaganda of made-up, fear, smears, hatred and lies."

It is said that if you repeat fabrications enough, you begin to believe the lies.

I am OK with other's political opinions, but, gee, support them with facts, not innuendoes or liberal hoof mouth garbage.

Give support where Republicans have let people starve, freeze or die. They actually give more to support the poor than do the Democrats.

Give facts where Fox makes up lies. You would think that person has confused Fox with MSNBC.

You have a president who is walking all over our Constitution, and you want to hang that tag on Republicans?

The voter fraud is real, just consider Ohio for confirmation.

Come on, liberals, let's have honest debate, not unsubstantiated grandiloquence.

Oh, don't guess you want that as you are sure to lose the argument.


Signal Mountain

People wising up to the Democrats

The controversy over the photo ID law is almost laughable.

Opponents of the law state it is hard for minorities to cast a ballot. Don't minorities have checking and bank accounts, credit cards or cash a payroll check? The list goes on and on where you must show a photo ID.

What the opponents are really saying is, as Democrats we have a hard time getting elected, without fraud, stuffing the ballot box, using illegal aliens or, my favorite, the cemetery vote.

Let's face it, the "New Democratic Socialist Party of America" is tough enough in an open and honest election, without the above. People are finally wising up.


Crossville, Tenn.