'Cleveland city nickname is in plain view' and more Letters to the Editors

'Cleveland city nickname is in plain view' and more Letters to the Editors

January 31st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

City nickname is in plain view

I'll have to admit that I was more amused than anything to read the other day that good old Cleveland couldn't find itself a nickname. I realized this morning, however, that the answer was right in front of me when I read Randall Higgins' article (Jan. 26) on the congenial relationship between Bradley County and the city of Cleveland, and I just wanted to help. How's this: "Cleveland, Tennessee -- We Get Along!"

I only ask that the prize money be donated to a worthy charity.


GOP race turns away from Gospel

The Republican nominating process moved south and took a new turn, due to conservative, evangelical and pro-life factions. But, are their positions true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I don't think they are. They put ideas causing racial, cultural and social divisions at the top of their values lists. This goes against Jesus' teaching that we are all brothers and sisters. We are to overcome divisions, because the church is one body.

They put capitalism and libertarianism (both based on greed) high, going against both Jesus' teachings about the evil of greed for money and the primacy of love for our fellow man. To them, preserving life focuses on one tiny part of what life is all about. The ability to earn enough to live on, health care and the treatment of criminals all are important to life as Jesus showed in his ministry.

In the 19th and most of the 20th centuries, evangelicals believed in caring for the sick, the widows, the homeless strangers in our midst. They focused on the need for humility, for living frugally, and for caring for your family and neighbors. Many preachers called the rich sinners. I haven't heard any of this in the Republican primary race.


Aid for homeless from city invisible

Dear Mayor Littlefield: Thank you for your attendance at the Project Homeless Connect on Thursday. I trust it was a productive 10 minutes. While strolling among the many volunteers and hundreds of needy attendees I hope you noted the many agencies, organizations and faith-based groups who actually care, as compared with the no-show of any visible city support.

Fortunately, your lack of any coherent policy for the homeless has made this day necessary and gave those attending a chance to sit on the concrete bleachers for several hours waiting for help.

Did you get a chance to have some free dental care? Or get your blood pressure checked? Or maybe a haircut? How about a quick stop at the Goodwill store?

Well, I'm sure that terrific photo op you had more than made up for any lack of real communication. So once again, thank you for making this day necessary. Best regards, The Homeless.


Plug debt leaks now, not later

Why are the Republicans so adamant about not raising taxes when we need the revenue to balance the budget?

Could the Republican position simply be a response to spending increasing at a dangerous rate of over $1 trillion per year?

Benjamin Franklin said: "Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship."

Our expenses are not little; they have grown to the point where they nearly defy understanding. I believe our great ship is sinking. I believe it is nearly impossible to achieve the revenue level we need to get back to a balanced budget and reduce our debt.

Increasing the debt ceiling is like increasing the allowable water level inside the ship. We have to plug the leaks, now, not after the election.

The best Benjamin Franklin quote has never been more true: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

President Obama: Please take the helm; start the damage control. I cannot imagine what this shipwreck would be like.


Spring City, Tenn.

Floyd shows what real man looks like

Thank you, state Rep. Richard Floyd, for showing us what a real man looks like. My husband would also protect the women in his life (wife and daughters) from perversion. I would be greatly disappointed if he didn't.


Whitwell, Tenn.

Prevent mining on scenic vistas

It does not look good to cut jobs; it does not look good to blow up mountains. Mountaintop removal and cross-ridge mining do not economically benefit the state in any form. The Scenic Vistas bill needs to be passed out of committee this session.

The Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act, when passed, will prevent the destruction of ridges over 2,000 feet (most of our coal mining is below this mark). This bill stops a few people from destroying our birthright. If you were born in Daniel Boone's back yard, you might have trouble finding your birthplace amongst the rubble of what used to be the mountains of Eagan, Tenn.

Tennessee legislators, I pray you feel empowered to act. You hold our hopes in your hands: Rep. Richard Floyd, Chattanooga; Rep. John Tidwell, New Johnsonville; Rep. Shelia Butt, Columbia; Rep. Charles Curtiss, Sparta; Rep. Andy Holt, Dresden; Rep. Pat Marsh, Nashville; Rep. Frank Niceley, Strawberry Plains; Rep. Art Swann, Maryville; Rep. Ron Lollar, Bartlett; Rep. David Hawk, Greeneville; Sen. Mike Faulk, Church Hill; Sen. Kerry Roberts, Springfield; Sen. Mike Bell, Riceville, and Sen. Jim Summerville, Dickson.

Still think it's a jobs issue? There is no economic benefit to the state: (www.downstreamstrategies.com/documents/reports_publication/DownstreamStrategies-coalTN.pdf)