Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

July 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Thanks to TVA for aid with barge

With all the bad press about TVA, I hope everyone noticed the small article on page B3 of the June 25 paper. That unsightly river barge was refloated after weeks of effort, according to the headline. The last paragraphs "lauded efforts by TVA to draw down the river level by four or five inches ..." and went on to quote the project manager, Brock Sparks, as saying, "Without TVA's help there's no way we could have done it."

Many thanks, TVA. That was an ugly mess.


Signal Mountain

What are Wamp's qualifications?

What if anything will the youngster, Weston Wamp, do for the citizens of our state as congressman? His father was at the end of the line for his associations, war support, sending more troops into battle in 1997, no accomplishments during his guard, no plans of his own, and a do-nothing record, and on the Bush bandwagon all through both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now we come to the too-young and too-inexperienced son who will follow anyone who leads him through making laws and unscrupulous decisions. His lack of military experience and knowledge of world affairs will push this country over the edge.

What are his habits? Who knows of any responsibility he has ever had? I had 27 years military service, three college degrees, was sent overseas seven times in 14 foreign countries, taught school in the old Chattanooga Public Schools 21 years, and I think I am capable of understanding many of our world and country's problems. He is running on his father's coattail and name recognition. I think I am much more qualified, but God forbid me from getting in that race.



Prayer won't harm pending decision

Re: The county commissioners praying in Jesus' name.

An injunction against prayer is "to refrain from a harmful behavior." Prayer is definitely not going to harm anyone before the case is decided.

The article said the First Amendment Establishment Clause says "government can't endorse any particular religion." No, it says Congress can't establish or set up a national religion. Much different meanings!

Jesus wanted private, not public, prayers. (Matthew 6:5-6). He was talking about people praying in public to "be seen," doing it out of pride, not humility.

God is sovereign. Praying in public one day will be a moot point, for in Philippians 2:10 every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord. Everyone has the right to their opinions now, but God will ultimately be glorified in His appointed time. At that time, no court on earth will stop it from happening.


Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Vital is a proven conservative leader

Greg Vital is the clear choice for Tennessee's 10th Senatorial District. Our founders never intended politics to be a profession, and Greg is no politician. He is a self-made businessman who built an Ooltewah-based company from one employee 16 years ago to over 850 today. He's also a family man committed to traditional conservative values.

In getting to know Greg, what I've found most refreshing is that he doesn't feel entitled and he doesn't expect anything for free. You don't owe him anything; not your loyalty, your money, your sweat, or your vote. He believes in earning it. He's a hard worker who does what he tells you he's going to do.

If you've spent much time around politicians, you know this is a rare personal quality, and one we could do with a lot more of.

Hamilton and Bradley counties are on the move. If you're looking for a proven conservative leader who has the experience to build on that momentum and the courage to stand up for traditional Tennessee values, Greg Vital is your man.



Neatness keeps levee pleasant

Thanks to the City of Chattanooga for mowing the area around the Brainerd levee. I realize that the city has much more important issues to deal with but keeping the levee area neat makes using the levee for walking, running and bike riding much more pleasant. Thanks again for a job well done.


East Ridge

Praying in Jesus' name exclusionary

Any group, large or small, that prays in Jesus' name excludes most of us who don't.

How very un-Christian!


Advertising images are not credentials

Normandy, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Ronald Reagan. John Wayne and M.L.K. We played Sinatra on the moon. Babe Ruth and Clint Eastwood. A country guy from Tennessee. An old lady ironing and some African-American kids.

"I'm Zach Wamp's son, and I approve of these images in my commercial for Congress, even though they have nothing to do with my credentials. Don't you?"

Now that's a brave bet.



Did Riverwalk start with a suggestion?

One night back in 1979, '80 or so, I was in a bar on Brainard Road. There were people there from the city government asking people for suggestions about what we could do to improve the city. I suggested a sidewalk along the river similar to the one they have in Frankfort, Germany.

So, now we have the Riverwalk, and a new section is in the planning. I like to think that, perhaps, I might have helped to plant the seed for a Riverwalk in the minds of our city fathers.


Jasper, Tenn.

Hoss will use care in deciding cases

I am writing in support of Bryan Hoss for Soddy-Daisy judge. I have known Bryan for over 10 years and have personally seen him work diligently for the clients he represents in municipal, General Sessions, state, and federal courts.

Bryan has the knowledge and common sense that are imperative to be a fair and effective judge. I am certain Bryan will hear and decide each case in front of him with the utmost integrity and care.

I have been a resident of the Soddy-Daisy area for over 25 years and encourage all Soddy-Daisy residents to cast their vote for Bryan Hoss on Aug. 2.



Prayer opponents can just walk out

Why is it more OK not to pray out loud rather than pray out loud? What happened to my rights? If someone does not want to participate in open prayer, they should be given the opportunity to leave the room. Or they solidly stand for their right not to pray, or not to hear prayer, they should not be ashamed to get up in front of everyone and walk out. But when you do, just remember, we will add you to the prayer list.


Little is a man of high principles

I have known Mike Little for 28 years. In that time, I have seen him handle many difficult situations in both professional and personal realms. In every instance, I was impressed by the fairness of his actions.

I have known Mike as an employer, as a counselor, as a mentor and as a friend. I have witnessed his actions on many hard decisions he has had to make. He has always demonstrated equity with the highest integrity.

In a day when an honest attorney is considered an oxymoron, we need people like Mike Little to set the standard and to judge with honor.

People of Soddy-Daisy, please vote for Mike Little to ensure a fair and balanced judgeship. You won't find a more principled man.



We can't let a few control the many

Two people filed a lawsuit to stop county commissioners from praying before meetings. The newspaper article (June 26) stated that prayer violates the First Amendment clause which says a government body cannot endorse any particular religion.

What does the Amendment say? It says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

It says nothing about governmental agencies praying. Originally many governmental agencies at the national level opened with prayer. Church services were held in D.C.'s governmental buildings. Many of our forefathers participated and even preached there.

Where does praying endorse a particular religion? Why were these people at the meeting? To complain? To get their names in the newspaper? To help stop this country from being a godly country? If they knew they were going to be offended, why not wait outside until after the prayer?

This country is not supposed to be ruled by the few, but by the many. That's one reason why this country was founded and not so that a few could control the many.


God hears all of us

We do have freedom of religion in the U.S.A. and the world. Whether Christians in Muslim countries or other countries where Christians are persecuted, they can pray openly or silently and God hears their prayers! If commission meetings begin with prayer, then members are reminded to ask themselves WWJD about decisions they must make!

I have friends who are Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, etc. We respect each other's beliefs.

The mother and son who got prayer out of public schools because they were atheists were murdered by fellow believers. The oldest son became an evangelist!

Whether we say "Praise God," "Why me, Lord?" "There is no God," or even "God ----," I believe God hears us all. Americans should pray not just after 9/11 or when our soldiers go to war, but for each other. Christians are not perfect but forgiven. Whether we're "evangelicals" or "back-seat Baptists," "straight or homosexuals," believers or atheists," God is here and there.

I believe God's gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift to God.

I believe a Christian can get no greater high than "Jesus and God." Regardless of your beliefs, "you must stand for something or you will fall for anything."


Cleveland, Tenn.

GOP will take nation over cliff

I haven't seen many letters giving credit to President Obama for gasoline prices going below $3 a gallon. "Fox Fake News" breaking update: the president has no control over gasoline prices. Oh, so now they say - how convenient!

"Condi" is now criticizing President Obama's foreign policy. That's coming from one of the three, Bush/Cheney/Rice, who ignored the direct warning "they're planning to attack the U.S.A. using airplanes," then began two unfunded wars.

In Mitt Romney, we may have the very worst candidate for president of any major political party in U.S.A. history, including Dubya. What a pathological liar! He never gives actual answers concerning his possible policies. However, he does favor Ryan's "budget plan." Talk about a complete economic disaster!

For you people who pretend that it will be so great to get Republicans in office: Should the entire country be so ignorant of history, you will suffer the dire consequences as well as the rest of us! At the end of 2008, we were very close to an economic breakdown, a treacherous depression. GOP policies will take us right over that cliff. We may not get another FDR to salvage us should there be a next time.


Signal Mountain

Welch equipped to serve all

Please join us in supporting and voting for Dr. Jonathan Welch for the Hamilton County District 2 school board seat. We have known Jonathan since he was a student, and our knowledge and appreciation of Jonathan has grown with each year we have known him. We are so impressed with his character, integrity and ethics as well as his volunteer involvement in education and youth sports.

Having had the experience of serving as principal of Signal Mountain Elementary School and Thrasher School for 32 years, and Carolyn was administrative assistant at Red Bank High School for 30 years, we both know how important the school board position is. We believe Dr. Jonathan Welch has the ability and dedication to best serve all the students, teachers, administrators and support personnel in all of District 2.



Signal Mountain