'Mills' good works extended to Haiti' and more letters to the editor

'Mills' good works extended to Haiti' and more letters to the editor

July 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Mills' good works extended to Haiti

What I am writing will no doubt embarrass Norma and Olan Mills as they do not want their good works shouted from the hilltops, but I am compelled to tell about a bit of personal experience I had with them.

After 40 years of dental practice, I went to Haiti as a volunteer dentist and continued for more than a dozen years. I was sponsored by the national Episcopal Church, which sent me to school to learn how to live in a third-world country, assured me of their prayers and I told me I was on my own. Of course my local church was helpful and my dental colleagues generous as to equipment and supplies. However, I took over a rundown clinic in a school for handicapped children that needed everything; a school that fed, clothed, schooled and provided medical care for about 350 children.

Equipping and supplying a dental clinic was a big undertaking financially. It was a great relief when Norma and Olan Mills stepped up and assured me this was not going to be a problem. They also outfitted a mobile facility so I could run an extraction clinic in the mountains where I saw hundreds of patients on a weekend. They never knew a generous couple in Chattanooga paid for their Novocaine, needles, antibiotics and pain medications.


Chickamauga, Ga.

Write in Harvey for school board

I endorse Mike Harvey as the next Hamilton County school board District 2 representative and encourage District 2 citizens to vote for him. I have known Mike 25 years as a fine Christian man with exemplary character. His wife, Yvonne, and his sons, Cody and Taylor, support Mike in his decision to run for this office.

Mike graduated from Red Bank High School, UTC and the Erlanger School of Anesthesia. He has worked as an anesthetist for 31 years.

He is trustworthy and will work hard for the schools that he will represent. He wants students in District 2 to receive a top-quality education provided by positive educators and would bring strong leadership to the board and support for administrators, educators and students.

Mike is running as a write-in candidate, so his name will not be on the ballot. It will be necessary to write his name in the blank space and fill in the bubble.

Please vote for him on Aug. 2.



Lasley qualified to be fine judge

As a former police chief of Soddy-Daisy, I have known Marty Lasley and his family for over 20 years. Marty went to high school at Soddy-Daisy, Carson-Newman College and Vanderbilt School of Law in Nashville. He has served in several judicial positions in Hamilton County, practiced law for 25 years, done pro bono work for the Chattanooga Christian Legal Society, Hamilton County magistrate, and teaches classes at church.

Marty is a well-qualified jurist and community leader. He would make a fine home-grown judge for Soddy-Daisy.



Use posse to cut overtime expenses

Why doesn't Sheriff Hammond use some of his posse and/or his "special privilege" friends to offset overtime within the sheriff's department? Put them to work doing search/rescues, Riverbend and other activities as a "volunteer" police force. This way they can all truly "earn" the special favors Sheriff Hammond has bestowed on them and the county could save on overtime.

Travel is not a necessary expense - whether for business or pleasure. If my budget doesn't support me taking a vacation, I have to stay at home. If the sheriff doesn't have unlimited funds for travel, then he and his associates need to stay at home.

I'm a business owner who doesn't have a reserve to fall back on if I overextend, so I have to manage and spend my funds wisely. Hopefully, an audit will reveal a lot more details on how the money is really being spent.

And, $35 per hour for a part-time webmaster - you have to be kidding me! That is absolutely absurd. I can't believe Hamilton County doesn't have an IT staff that would work on the sheriff's website.


Political stories are poor journalism

I've been impressed with the journalistic integrity of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, until recently. There was a large condemning headline June 17 concerning Scottie Mayfield (indicating Scottie individually) Dairy Farms and government contracts. The lead of the article made it sound as if he had done something wrong when his employer had done nothing but provide dairy products to government institutions. These institutions have to contract with someone, and Dean Foods did so legally and truthfully.

Then June 23, the smaller headlines are about a deposition in which Chuck Fleischmann and Chip Saltzman are quoted. The front page mentions nothing of what the issue is, and then buried in the back of the article were their admissions of guilt and wrongdoing. The explosive story about their illegal and untruthful acts was absolutely downplayed.

As a graduate of the Montana School of Journalism, I was taught good reporting is unbiased and fair. There are always methods of leading the public to your point of view, and that's what it seems like Chris Carroll is doing: downplaying big stories that would hurt his apparent favored candidate and emphasizing non-stories that make the competitor look dodgy. This is poor journalism. We expect more from your organization.


Why single out gays for 'partner' status?

I was dumbfounded why a Christian denomination is debating to recognize gay marriages and that our country is seriously considering making it a hate crime to voice anything derogatory of gays. Both Christians and politicians remain fair game for being fall guys for all public media. Is monogamy a necessary part of marriage?

And why should gays be singled out as the sole recipients of "domestic partner" relationships? Why not word a broader law, including such "domestic partners" as a loved one taking care of a crippled parent, and two roommates working their way through college, or just living together to make ends meet?


Little good choice for Soddy Daisy

I am a resident of Soddy-Daisy, and I ask my neighbors and friends to vote for Mike Little. Mike is also a resident of the city, and he and his family are involved and are a part of this city and community.

I knew Mike when he was in law school and have watched him through his 21 years of courtroom experience. He is honest, fair and capable of being a judge.

We have many candidates for the Soddy-Daisy judgeship, but I will vote for Mike Little.



Powers' work ethic superb

I have known Ron Powers, Sessions Court judge candidate, for 13 years, and he is worthy of your vote to fill the seat formerly held by Bob Moon.

Ron, like Judge Moon, is someone who genuinely cares about people and the welfare of this county. I practiced law with Ron until our former law firm broke apart into separate segments in 2006. I was eight months pregnant at the time.

Although Ron was establishing a new practice, he took the time to visit my home and meet my new baby. He did that simply because he is a person whose temperament and character are of the highest caliber.

Ron and I worked together on a matter involving a client who was homeless, unemployed and disabled. Ron worked as hard on that case as he did for clients with plentiful resources and was personally invested in our client's best interests.

Ron not only possesses high moral integrity, but he also is an excellent practitioner and would bring a superb work ethic to the bench. He is thorough and thoughtful in every aspect and would contribute those qualities as a judge.