'Accomplishments put Scottie Mayfield on top' and more Letters to the Editors

'Accomplishments put Scottie Mayfield on top' and more Letters to the Editors

July 10th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Accomplishments put Mayfield on top

Vote for Scottie Mayfield for Congress. I know Scottie and want you to know him better.

Our country needs a business approach to our economic woes. Scottie has an MBA from Emory and 40 years of business experience. We may not all agree on the issues but he will bring seasoned and experienced solutions to the table that will make a positive difference.

The best place to make America strong is to start in the community. Scottie has worked tirelessly in many ways that others have not: 13 years as a scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America, a lay speaker in his Methodist church, current and past board member of the United Way, and leadership roles in the Kiwanis Club.

He has recognized leadership: Jaycees Outstanding Young Man of the Year, Man of the Year Athens Chamber of Commerce and Sam Walton Business Leader Award by Wal-mart.

I have discussed our national security with Scottie, and Scottie believes in a strong national defense and support of veterans for their past service to secure our nation's freedoms.

The best way to judge the future is the past. Scottie's past accomplishments can make a positive difference for our future. Vote for Scottie Mayfield for Congress starting July 13.


Church stand stays despite test of faith

Re: "Tempest in my soul -- a son's secret brings a Southern Baptist minister to his knees," (June 24).

Homosexuality has become so rampant in our society that everybody knows someone or is related to someone who has chosen this way of life. The Bible calls homosexuality a sin. If we believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, we have to accept this definition. If we accept an intellectual interpretation of the Bible, then we believe that we can pick and choose parts we believe and twist those parts that don't agree with our own beliefs or experience.

This article explores only one side of the issue. Just because this father in his great love for his son finds his beliefs tested beyond his faith does not change the Christian faith, nor the church's stand on the truth of Scripture.


McMinnville, Tenn.

We need more like Gardenhire

Todd Gardenhire is running for state Senate in District 10, and we recommend him as an excellent Republican and conservative candidate. We know Todd Gardenhire as a man of integrity and high principles. He stands for strong economic development that creates jobs right at home. Further, he is committed to a limited, fiscally responsible government. He promotes accountability in our education system, is pro-life and a pro-Second Amendment candidate.

We encourage you to support his candidacy because we need more good men like him in our government.


Soddy-Daisy needs trustworthy Lasley

I support Marty Lasley for Soddy-Daisy judge. I know Marty from attending church with him at Stuart Heights Baptist. Marty not only grew up in Soddy-Daisy, he currently lives here and loves this city.

Marty has been practicing law for over 25 years, has served as Hamilton County magistrate and actually opened a solo practice in Soddy-Daisy less than two years out of law school. As a small-business owner and resident of Soddy-Daisy, I urge other residents to support Mr. Lasley in the Aug. 2 election. This city deserves to have a trustworthy and disciplined man with the utmost integrity to judge its citizens.


Aim disillusion to sinfulness

While improving its quality over previous efforts, the more Times than Free Press continues its pro-homosexual crusade as if it were moral instead of immoral, with a standard reverse conversion narrative and AIDS victims sympathy story -- and Alison Gerber protesting (too much, methinks) that the front-page feature is just story, not advocacy.

But what lessons should we draw from the story? Not the Trojan horse drawn by the Rev. Charles Neal, who in his sin welcoming reply shows he reverences political more than biblical correctness. He belongs with Catholic bishops protecting pedophiles and sports camps hiring Jerry Sandusky.

With real Christianity, Stephen Nevels would have confessed his sinfulness. His pastor father would have embraced his prodigal son and helped him out of the gay lifestyle. Stephen would never have contracted AIDS and died from it in the hospital room, and his father would never have quit in disenchantment over a dead son and a dysfunctional church.

Instead, gay pride refused shame. Stephen lived in secret sin until it killed him, bringing grief and disillusion. We should mourn for all concerned, including Stephen. But the disenchantment should be with sinfulness and faithless pastors, not the real church.


Red Bank

Religious zealots threaten freedom

Ultra-conservative Christians are going down a dark path with their crusade to mandate prayer in government facilities. It's now become "God's Law" versus the Constitution as the nation's law of the land.

If the Constitution can no longer govern this country, and God, the Bible and Christianity now guide our nation, we are no longer a democracy but a theocracy like those in the Middle East and other parts of the world where numerous religious sects fight bloody and often endless conflicts to establish which faction is right and can control the other. If Christianity as America's majority religion is absolute enough to force itself on American values, we will see an unraveling of democratic principles. Only in the last 30 years has our democratic structure been assaulted with such blatant, unconstitutional attempts to establish Christian rituals into public government functions. Even in the late 1700s, government leaders realized that mixing religion with government practices would invite the tyranny they came to America to avoid.

This constant eroding of constitutional safeguards to maintain religious freedom without compromising democratic principles has become extremely volatile. And if religious zealots continue their pressure, make no mistake, there will be no winners here.


Signal Mountain

Hoss is ready for life as judge

I encourage citizens of Soddy-Daisy to vote for Bryan Hoss as city judge. I got to know Bryan while working as an assistant at his law firm. Since then, I too have become an attorney and have had the opportunity to hear what others in the field think of him.

Bryan Hoss is a prominent trial attorney in our community. He certainly knows his way around a courtroom, having spent more days of his career in front of a judge than not. Witnessing him in court suggests he is more than prepared for life on the other side of the bench.

It is how Bryan conducts himself when not in the public eye that makes him such a great candidate. While working for him, I saw time and again that no advantage in a case was ever worth putting his integrity on the line. I can confidently say he possesses the knowledge, skills and moral character indicative of a good judge.

Soddy-Daisy would be well-served by Bryan Hoss as their next judge.


Political ads should be 'mandates'

We need an individual mandate for each political sign, each political advertisement as well as all political robo calls. Note: of course this would be a "mandate" and should not be confused as a "tax." The funds generated would pay off the deficit, provide free health care for everyone, get the White House out of foreclosure and get NASA back up and running.