Benefield looks to voters for help and other Letters to the Editors

Benefield looks to voters for help and other Letters to the Editors

July 13th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Benefield looks to voters for help

In an attempt to make a difference as a school board member with the best of qualifications, Katherine Benefield is asking for support in District 1, Soddy-Daisy.

However, observations from those who might help are saying things like, "if you didn't start a year before the election, and have a million dollars, you have no chance," and "you're toast ..." With this in mind, her hopes are with the voters, where they should be. They're the best and much appreciated. See you at the polls.

DONNA L. HILL, Soddy-Daisy

Neighbors' side of story omitted

Regarding the article in Sunday's paper about Aetna Mountain, it is interesting that no "neighbor" in the Black Creek Community was interviewed. Those who live closest to the road up the mountain have had numerous problems with those ATVs. And the four-wheelers have set several fires on Aetna Mountain that could spread to the homes in Black Creek.

In your article, the Perlaky brothers say that blocking the road up the mountain prevents them from accessing their property on top of the mountain, but if you drive into their campground you will see the Perlaky brothers' road up the mountain that they have blocked to public access. Their road gives quicker and better access to their property. There also is a paved road from Whiteside that everyone can access to the top of Aetna Mountain.

Why not ask the residents of Black Creek about how all of this has affected them? There is another side to this story.


Editorial wrong on pollution

Your July 9 editorial, "Lamar sells out," contained serious errors about mercury pollution and about the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

Your statement that new rules to limit mercury and other pollutants will do "almost nothing to improve the environment" is contradicted by EPA's scientific studies, which estimate the rules will save up to 11,000 American lives annually. According to experts, each year more than 400,000 babies are born with unsafe levels of methylmercury, a dangerous neurotoxin. This new health standard requires safer operation of coal-fired power plants, which produce 50 percent of U.S. mercury emissions, according to EPA -- far more than the trace percentage you suggested.

On DDT, you should know that the U.S. ban EDF helped obtain doesn't apply to public health uses or to countries affected by malaria. In New Orleans, EDF has long pushed the Army Corps to reduce hurricane risk. The Corps found that upgrading existing levees would be more effective than the project you mentioned, but Congress didn't fund construction until after Katrina.

EDF focuses on environmental goals that help people. In Tennessee that includes pregnant women worried about mercury, fishermen worried about their favorite streams and thousands of asthma sufferers in Chattanooga.

ERIC POOLEY, Senior Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund

Editor's Note: Coal-fired plants produce 50 percent of man-made emissions. Most mercury emissions, however, occur naturally.

Hoss solid choice for Soddy-Daisy

I recommend Bryan Hoss for Soddy-Daisy city judge. I have lived in Soddy-Daisy most of my life and have known Bryan for 10 years. Bryan has a unique set of characteristics that make him a solid choice for the city judge position. He is energetic with a strong wok ethic and has years of experience in the courtroom, including the Soddy-Daisy court. Bryan is a lifelong resident of Hamilton County and I recommend him without reservation.