Will some sue over God's command? and other Letters to the Editors

Will some sue over God's command? and other Letters to the Editors

July 13th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Will some sue over God's command?

Some people say that "In Jesus' name" should never be said in public prayers. Even after reading John 3:15-17, do you still believe Jesus' name should be omitted by everyone? Then perhaps you should then read Philippians 2: 8-11. God commands we say in Jesus' name. Are you going to sue Him too?


Mayfield's tools make him ready

We have a unique chance next month to select someone for the House who brings three key tools to the job that the others simply don't have.

Scottie Mayfield has run a real business (not the photo-op kind) that employs hundreds of people and enjoys a reputation across the Southeast for excellent products. He knows firsthand the damage that out-of-control government spending and over-regulation can do to large and small businesses and their ability to expand and create new jobs.

His sales and marketing experience makes him uniquely qualified to be a strong recruiter for new businesses in the Third District. As a businessman, he can better relate to those site selection decision makers. We really need this skill in Washington now.

Scottie's stand on term limits, unlike the others, gives him the freedom to make the tough call, to do what is right for our district and the country while not being guided by what some re-election poll is saying.

So, I'm supporting Scottie because he'll stand up against Washington's power grab, he will be an effective business recruiter and he will put doing the right thing ahead of politics. Please join me.


Little will better serve Soddy-Daisy

Mike Little, in my opinion, is the most qualified man for judge of Soddy-Daisy. I got to know Mike and his family when his son, Josh, played basketball with my son Travis at Soddy-Daisy High School. Mike is a first-class family man who treats others with respect and at the same time conducts himself in such a way that you like him and respect him.

He has class, integrity and great moral values. Mike Little has also had experience, as a highly recognized lawyer, on at least one high-profile case, as a defense attorney in Chattanooga.

Mike lives in Soddy-Daisy. He is one of us. I have lived in Soddy-Daisy for 55 years, and my children were raised here.

I can't think of another man who would serve Soddy-Daisy citizens better as a judge than Mike Little.


Schools will gain if Horn elected

My three children have each had Mrs. Donna Horn as their kindergarten teacher. I was just fortunate by luck of the draw for my firstborn daughter to get Mrs. Horn as her teacher. Since she had such a good year with Mrs. Horn, I requested that my middle child have her as well. And then it was time for my third child to enter kindergarten.

Way before then, I had realized that my children were extremely fortunate to have this teacher. Her integrity, work ethic, caring and genuine concern about quality education were and are foremost in her character. I realized that even though I am a man in my 30s, that I wanted to be like Mrs. Horn.

Through her inspiration and guidance, I am currently pursuing a kindergarten teaching degree while working full time as well. I am happy that Mrs. Horn's continued caring for education by pursuing the District 7 seat on the school board, but it was a sad day for the county when she retired. Please vote for her. She has incredible energy, drive and credibility. Hamilton County schools can only be improved by her presence on the board!


Answer 'yes' on Obama return

As the presidential election draws near, many Americans may be pondering whether to support President Barack Obama for a second term. The answer should be, yes! The issues such as equality/civil rights, peace and social justice, economic fairness/security, public infrastructure/transportation, affordable health care and education are good reasons to re-elect President Barack Obama.

As the president would say, "this is our moment, this is our time." I still believe that we have the right person to restore the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, "that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us we can't." I want all of America to know, Yes, we can! Vote in November to re-elect President Barack Obama.

JAMES WALTON, Member National Grassroots Fundraising Committee Obama-Biden, Hixson

Hoss would make great addition

I encourage Soddy-Daisy residents to vote for Bryan Hoss for Soddy-Daisy judge.

I have known Bryan for well over a decade and have seen his dedication in many areas -- as a volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House, to serving as a special judge for General Sessions Court, to handling just about any type of law in his firm.

I lived in Soddy-Daisy almost 50 years. My family was raised there, and my husband started his law- enforcement career there. Though I no longer reside in Soddy-Daisy, I care deeply about the city because my parents, a lot of my relatives, my extended family, and a lot of my closest friends live there. It is a city that is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Bryan Hoss would be an exceptional addition to this city with his experience and would remain unbiased as judge handling cases that come before him.

I urge you to vote for Bryan Hoss for Soddy-Daisy judge on Aug. 2.


Norton has proven he is right person

City Council meetings can be eye-opening. Attorneys will sometimes attend to advocate for clients. In September 2009, Mr. Gary Starnes argued a position before the City Council. In my opinion, he failed to argue his position logically and made loose accusations and charges.

Apparently the City Council chair thought so too, because the chair ruled Starnes out of order. Mr. Starnes was persistent in his comments, so much so that the chair pointedly asked Mr. Starnes to "sit down." (City Council minutes, Sept. 22, 2009, type "Gary Starnes").

My good friend, Judge Bob Moon, always referred to Sessions as the "People's Court." Judges settle disputes between people. We expect judges to conduct themselves in a civil manner and expect the same of attorneys who run for judgeships. We need a judge with "judicial temperament" who is fair and civil. Let's vote for Judge David Norton. He has proven himself to be the right person to replace Bob Moon as Sessions judge.


Wamp has passion to alter status quo

When I was 23, I set out to fulfill a dream of starting my own business. I wasn't naive to the fact it would take a great deal of hard work to accomplish my goal. I was often told I was too young and starting a business in a tough economy was a bad idea. Passion drove me. A fire was lit that wouldn't be put out. No one was going to work harder than me. Ten years later, my decision resulted in nine successful companies in Chattanooga with more than 400 employees and a business incubator that produces more companies.

One of those companies was started by Weston Wamp. I've known Weston for more than two years. I've worked beside him and been blown away by his maturity and knowledge. I've seen him close big deals. I've seen him command a room full of business owners.

When he told our team he was running for Congress, we knew nothing could stop him. He has the burning desire to be successful. He has the passion, energy and political acumen to change the status quo in Washington. No one will work harder than him.

Maybe taking a chance on a 25-year-old isn't such a bad idea?

TED ALLING, Lookout Mountain